The Purposeful Millionaire Becomes #1 Hot New Release Book

AUSTIN, TEXAS – 10 May, 2017 – The Purposeful Millionaire™, 52 Rules for Creating a Life of Wealth and Happiness, is a book like no other that has earned recognition as a #1 Hot New Release.  James R. Nowlin, 36, author of The Purposeful Millionaire and founder and CEO of Excel Global Partners (EGP), chronicles his story of overcoming daunting obstacles including “poverty consciousness” and a childhood riddled with domestic violence and alcoholism, to become a successful CEO, millionaire, and man on a purposeful mission to help others to achieve wealth and success.

In 2012, Nowlin survived a near-death drowning on a lake in East Texas, and returned with what he calls his “awakening.” Though already wealthy and successful by any measure at that time, he says he returned from the accident reevaluating his life, becoming more focused, more purposeful, doggedly determined to help others succeed, and unapologetically authentic. “My goal now is to open the consciousness of people, and to empower them with the very toolkit they need to take their lives to the next level and beyond. If a country boy from Virginia like me can achieve such an extraordinary life, I know that others can do it too, in spite of any setbacks.”

Having spent the past ten years building his executive consulting firm and business empire from the ground up, which has completed engagements in more than twenty states and fifteen countries, Nowlin comments, “I crafted my own American Dream and washed my mind free of any possible limitations, including being put into any boxes based upon my race or sexual orientation. I shifted my way of thinking away from a poverty consciousness to an absolute focus on abundance consciousness and dream execution.” Nowlin’s successes with EGP subsequently birthed the EGP Family of Companies, which includes his other businesses in real estate, environmental technology, and media.

With his book’s goal of teaching wealth mindset and self-mastery to others who wish to “live more, do more, achieve more, and earn more,” Nowlin trains the reader how to champion what he calls The Success Formula, which is detailed in the book’s four sections. Nowlin believes that The Purposeful Millionaire is the perfect book to kick-start one’s life into high gear, and his fans seem to agree.

More information can be found about James Nowlin at, about Excel Global Partners at, and The Purposeful Millionaire can be found at Nowlin states that the book’s success is just the beginning of his plans for spreading his positive message worldwide via public speaking, coaching, and trainings.

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