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Since 2014, Dental Implant Melbourne, a group of leading implant dentists in Melbourne has been helping edentulous wear a bright and beautiful smile at an affordable cost.

Melbourne, Victoria – May 10, 2017 – Being the recognised dentists in Melbourne, Dental Implant Melbourne has been providing high quality dental implants for edentulous at a low cost. The professionals at Dental Implants in Melbourne apply only the latest prosthodontics treatments and technology to help you regain the natural beauty of your smile.

“Dental implants basically function as an artificial tooth root that replaces the original root. And once a tooth implant has been surgically placed into your jawbone, it will provide maximum support for crowns or bridges,” responded the spokesperson of Dental Implant Melbourne to an interview.

The spokesperson also explained, “Before getting ahead with the dental implant treatment, you will first receive a consultation from our tooth implant specialists who will run a couple of in-depth exams to see get a better picture of your jawbone and structures including nerves and sinuses. Then an appropriate course of action will be determined so that you can get the best results for your tooth implant treatment,” regarding the treatment process.

The dental implant cost in Melbourne is just $2850 including the surgery and crown. A few oral surgeons in Melbourne also charge an additional $1500 for the crown and $500 for the abutment.

“The total price of our Dental Implant Cost in Melbourne is $2850 which includes the surgery and the crown with us! All using well-known brands and Australian approved,” added the spokesperson finally.

The dental implants used by Dental Implants Melbourne are from safe, biocompatible materials such as Titanium which are not known to cause any type of rejection phenomenon.  

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As the leading tooth implant specialists in Melbourne, Dental Implant Melbourne has been employing advanced dental treatment options to gift you a more natural smile.

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