Changing the World, One Child at a Time

IRVINE, CA – 10 May, 2017 – Vic Tanon, CEO of Emplicity Human Resources Outsourcing said a brief farewell to emails, conference calls and client meetings and abandoned his annual vacation in the forests of Lake Tahoe. Instead, Tanon and his high-school daughter decided to devote their spring-break on a mission trip and head south of the border.

Organized by Bayside Blue Oaks Church in Rocklin, California, the annual Mexicali trip celebrates its 22nd year of bringing hope, building housing, and providing various community services to the impoverished border town. Assigned to a community impact team of 25 students and adults, the Tanons traveled by car to their destination in Ciudad Coahuila. Led by Amber Belisle of Bayside’s Thrive School of Ministry, the team found their assignment to Mision Bethel, a small, neighborhood evangelical church led by local entrepreneur, Jaime Rodriguez. Once a criminal and drug dealer, Rodriguez felt called by God to change his priorities and serve his community. Now in his 7th year of service, the 43-year old father and husband spends his days instilling hope and faith into this neighborhood-in-need.

The team spent a good portion of their days engaging with the local children on swings and pick-up-soccer games in a public park adjacent to the church. With most of their parents working, many of the latch-key kids are left to fend for and entertain themselves. As temperatures neared triple digits, they found refuge in shaded areas under trees and tin overhangs, outnumbered by the niños and niñas (little boys and girls) clamoring for attention and adoration.

“Sharing our stories and singing songs in the makeshift church-house brought us closer to the kids each and every day. Seeing even the toughest of neighborhood kids engaging in arts and crafts and drawing pictures of their families exposed their softer, more vulnerable sides in a way that touched our hearts. And as every day passed, we became more and more entrenched in their stories of tragedy and hope,” Tanon explained.

After falling in love with the children of this dusty little town, the team said their tear-filled goodbyes and headed back to Sacramento. Not only had they made an impact in the community, the team had also found a renewed sense of purpose.

Tanon encourages anyone and everyone to make the world a better place through mission trips like this. “If you start planning for your summer vacation and can’t seem to settle on a destination, try volunteering with your local organization or church. It probably won’t be the tropical cruise your friends brag about, but it may be the reward you have been looking for.”

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