Innovative gadget ‘Trifecto’ assuring hands-free cell phone use seeking crowdfunding support at Kickstarter

Two Arizona based innovators have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter to support their innovative Trifecto Infinity Pen. It’s world’s first all-in-1 pen, stylus & phone tripod and assures easy hands-free cell phone use.

Fountain Hills, AZ – May 10, 2017 – Arizona based tech genius duo Peter Gantner and Len Kensey have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of their futuristic Trifecto Infinity Pen. This patent-pending pen-integrated tripod assures a smooth hands-free support for cell phone and tablets while both of your hands are occupied and you need another hand to hold your phone. It’s the world’s first ever all-in-1 pen, stylus and phone tripod. 

The crowdfunding campaign is slated to raise around $5,000 by June 4, 2017.

“Smartphone is an integral part of our daily life today. Whether it’s about chatting with friends or checking out the latest albums we all need our phones handy. But things get little taxing when both your hands are occupied and you still have to use your cell phone. For example, say when we are playing the guitar we all have wished for a 3rd hand to hold the phone so that we don’t have to stop playing to check the notations loaded in the phone. There are many such similar instances where we scream for a convenient hands-free cell phone use big time. But the wait is over as now you have the game-changer Trifecto Infinity Pen. What apparently looks like a pen is actually a tripod holder-cum-pen-cum-stylus that ensures the best hands-free cell phone handling and management. However, such an innovative project demands robust financial backup and thus the crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support will help us to bring this great project to life” stated Peter while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

With Trifecto Infinity, users can use the stylus or pen comfortably while the phone rests upright on the tripod stand. It comes as the much-awaited helping hand when one has to hold his smartphone or tablet while carrying on different activities like video conferencing, chatting, taking selfies, reading, checking out videos & so on. The tripod will hold all makes and models of smartphones while the stylus works with all sorts of touch screens.

“We have used high-quality aluminum for the tripod to ensure an industry-leading construction for our innovative gadget. It’s lightweight, small in size and easy to carry inside the cool pen. Just like the smartphones, our pens are our constant companions and Trifecto Infinity Pen has combined the 2 most important things of our life smartly into one. It’s a pen and much more.” 

The Trifecto infinity comes in 3 amazing colors – black, silver and white.

Peter & Len have also come up with a 2nd configuration where you have the Trifecto Infinity with a Flashlight Tripod.

A cool host of rewards are waiting for backers. These include Trifecto Infinity Pen or Flashlight in discounted prices, cool mix and match combos of the two etc. Hogher pledges reaching $90, $150 & $ 249 would be rewarded with a bundle of 5 Infinity Pens, 10 Infinity Pens and 20 mix or match pen or infinity combo respectively. 

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