Research Shows Carpets Do Not Cause Asthma or Allergy: Steele Carpet Calgary Helps Make Homes Safer

Extensive studies by various institutes prove that carpets do not contribute or cause allergies or asthma if they are cared for properly. Steele Carpet Calgary makes carpeting of any type safe using ‘green’ solutions.

Calgary – 10 May, 2017 – The popular myth about carpets causing asthma and allergies has been well and truly busted. Dr. Vivienne Mahon (PhD, Airmid Healthgroup, Dublin) announced that there is no definitive scientific proof to the idea that carpeting has an adverse effect on people suffering from these conditions.

Her claims are supported by research from a variety of institutes across the world, including an 18-nation study that included over 20,000 people. The scientists state that properly cleaned and well-maintained carpets can, in fact, improve the condition of asthma patients. Steele Carpet Calgary is a company dedicated to doing exactly that by effectively cleaning all types of residential and commercial carpeting and upholstery.

On their brand new Calgary website,, the team of Steele Carpet Calgary explains how exactly they manage to ensure superior quality of cleaning. To ensure their services are 100% safe, the company utilizes a combination of advanced equipment and ‘green’ non-allergenic solutions.

How Can Carpeting Help Against Allergy/Asthma?

In order to understand the truth behind the effect of carpeting in allergies or asthma, one has to consider what causes these problems. Dust and microscopic particles of allergens (pollen or dust mites) either cause or aggravate these conditions.

The concept behind the idea that carpeting worsens the situations stems from the belief that those particles are accumulated in the fibers. The high concentration of potential ‘triggers’ confined to a single room is the reason why carpets are ‘bad’.

However, a study commissioned by the German Allergy and Asthma Society shows that the level of dust and particle accumulation within rooms with smooth flooring is actually higher. The reason for this is that carpets actually act as filters that ‘trap’ problematic particles.

Therefore, carpeting can act as an aid for people suffering from allergies and asthma by reducing the concentration of potential ‘triggers’ in the air within their homes. In fact, several statistic studies show that the reduction in the use of carpets correlates with the increase of allergy occurrences in the nation.

However, there is some truth to carpets being able to contribute to asthma attacks. This can happen if the contamination of fibers becomes too much. Regular cleaning can effectively prevent this problem and turn a carpet into a fibrous filter capable of protecting the owner’s health. is a licensed Calgary carpet cleaning service with years of experience and professional training to handle any type of contamination.

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