Presenting JavaPipe’s New Website: A Study in a Fantastic User Experience and Beautiful Web Design

JavaPipe, provider of quality Java and security internet solutions since 2001 in introducing an upgraded website. Featuring beautiful and efficient design, the new website is sure to provide exceptional user experience.

The trends in web design shift as fast as they do in fashion and in order to keep up with the competition, a business must evolve their website constantly. JavaPipe definitely took this rule to heart as the company has recently upgraded their own internet pages making them more secure, attractive, and efficient.

The new website is minimalistic, stylish, and intuitive, meaning that any visitor can find exactly what they need with a single glance at the page. JavaPipe is a Java security and web hosting provider from Salt Lake City. The company’s been in business for 16 years and during this time it’s proven to be a great helper to a variety of businesses. Their services today include:

  • Web hosting.
    Encompasses cloud hosting for any websites with MySQL backend that run on PHP or Java.
  • DDoS protection.
    Solutions with built-in DDoS protection measures that ensure the safety of the client’s web resources.
  • Java hosting.
    JavaPipe’s Java hosting comes with an SSD-powered Tomcat cloud. It allows for full control, easy upgrade, and top-notch performance.
  • Dedicated servers.
    Housed in protected facilities, these servers are as secure as is possible to make using the current level of technology and their security measures evolve constantly.
  • VPS.
    JavaPipe offers various virtual servers located in Bucharest, New York, etc. They come with built-in DDoS protections, unmetered bandwidth, and other important features for maximum efficiency.

How JavaPipe Realized the Top Web Design Trends of 2017

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The new website of JavaPipe drew inspiration from the leading design trends of 2017. It’s minimalistic, so there aren’t any distracting ads, call to action buttons, and links. This allows the user to find what they need fast and see the most crucial bits of information right away.

The overall design is stylish and features bold typography, which makes the pages seem ‘clean’ and enhances the ease of navigating the website. The layout is tidy due to its clear geometric lines. This is another contribution that makes the overall interface more intuitive. Bold combinations of dark-gray, rusty-red, and white ensure that all messages are clearly visible. Minimalistic illustrations enhance the general impression and add a note of fun to the design.

Most importantly, the upgraded website provides testimonials from JavaPipe’s clients, which are clearly visible right at the home page.


JavaPipe is a Salt Lake City Java and internet security company operating since 2001. They provide a wide range of web hosting and DDoS protection services to any business.

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