Makeup for Men Becoming a Hot Commodity at, a trendy men’s clothing store based in New York City, is reporting phenomenal success with its ever-expanding line of men’s makeup products. It’s no secret that sales in the men’s grooming industry have been rising substantially over the past few years. But while the emphasis has previously been on hair care and skincare products, a subtle shift towards the acceptance of makeup for men is changing everything.

And change is what Differio is all about. In other words, makeup is no longer just a girl thing. But neither is it just for male performers or celebrities. Differio’s customers are for the most part distinctly masculine, with all that entails – stubble, beards and bald heads included. So we’re not talking pink lipstick or blue eyeliner here, but products that are designed to ‘enhance masculine features.’

Differio’s products are geared toward the man who wants makeup that’s subtle, effective and easy to use. Created with everyday use in mind, products can be applied quickly, and what’s even more important, they are smudge-proof and long-lasting.

Differio’s best selling men’s makeup products consist of a Liquid Foundation for Men that helps create a flawless-looking complexion while covering blemishes and imperfections. A Concealer for Men that hides imperfections such as scars, acne and wrinkles is also a popular item. And for men who wish to darken or accentuate their eyes, guyliner (eyeliner) and manscara (mascara for men) is available.

Differio, whose name is derived from the word ‘different,’ is proud to be a leader in the world of makeup for men. “Our business is built on the foundation of being sexy, masculine and futuristic,” says Chairman/CEO Jimmy Chrabieh. “As a global trendsetting menswear store, we’re happy to help remove the stigma surrounding the use of men’s makeup. After all, shouldn’t wanting to look your best be gender neutral?”

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