Racial Stereotypes Have Huge Effects on Relationships

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Everyone is different, so we shouldn’t let racial stereotypes affect how we see other people.

United States – An Asian passenger of an overbooked United Airlines flight was violently dragged down the aisle by his arms off the plane by security in order to vacate his seat for staff. This recent event has raised concern over racial discrimination, and has become a hot topic of discussion.

Racial problems are widespread, has always existed and will always exist in a pluralistic society, including in cross-cultural marriages. Conflicts inevitably occur in any marriage, but when it is international or intercultural, cultural differences don’t help. However well you get along with each other, however close you are, there will be racial stereotypes.

You may not be racist, but this doesn’t mean you won’t stereotype. For example, you believe Asian women are more feminine, they are better cooks etc. These are racial stereotypes and they do have some effect on cross-cultural relationships. According to a study conducted by Galinsky and his colleagues Erika Hall of Kellogg School of Management and Amy Cuddy of Harvard University evaluating the femininity or masculinity of Asians, whites and blacks, blacks were considered the most masculine, followed by whites then Asians. Men tend to prefer more feminine women, and women more masculine men. The 2000 US Census data also states that in black-white marriages, 73 percent had a black husband and a white wife, in Asian-white marriages, 75 percent had a white husband and an Asian wife, and in Asian-black marriages, 86 percent had a black husband and an Asian wife.

Racial stereotypes have negative effects on relationships. When we have these stereotypes, we apply them to our other halves when, in fact, we shouldn’t. Everyone is different, so we shouldn’t let stereotypes affect how we see other people. As long as there is love, racial and cultural differences can be overcome, and can make life more interesting.

Find out how your other half feels about racial stereotypes. Talk to her about it using Live Chat or Love Call, or send her an EMF mail. The most important thing in a relationship is communication, so don’t forget to talk lots. Don’t let obstacles stop you from developing your relationship.

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