Beating All Odds, First Generation Immigrants From Africa Redefine Entrepreneurship In America

10 May, 2017 – Everyday millions of young African immigrants get motivated by their desire to make their lives better. The desire to improve not only themselves, but their families back home gives them the strength needed to cross continents and become successful.

The recent political spotlight on immigrants in America has totally raised the bar for so many first generation Africans who are redefining entrepreneurship in America.

Inspired by the stories of some self motivating young  entrepreneurs from various African countries who are making their way into greatness in America, Shore To Shore Media, LLC. has created a web series designed to tell their stories and inspire others.

Available on, the series titled, The Afropolitans Project: MEET THE AFROPOLITANS, captures the lives of first generation Africans in America making their way into entrepreneurship, especially  in visual arts, music and eco friendly luxury fashion.

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“The Afropolitans Project is absolutely relevant to the present political situation in America. It captures how first generation Africans are making a strong impact in America by contributing to the American dream through entrepreneurship. Despite all obstacles they are destined for greatness,”
says Celeste Cristine Thomas, Producer Shore to Shore, Media

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