Cruz EMF Radiation Protection Cell Phone Cases selling in USA and Canada

May 10, 2017 – American based Cruz Cases Corporation ( is now actively marketing its radiation blocking phone cases in the USA and Canada. Cruz has been perfecting cell phone radiation protective cases over the last 6 years.

Health reports state using your cell phone over 10 minutes per day break down the body’s blood brain barrier allowing harmful toxins in the blood to enter into the brain. While the cell phone industry committee debates the health significance of these powerful cell phone radio signals directed into the brain, many consumers do not want to take the risks.  Now cell phone manufacturers display RF exposure warning in their phones. (e.g., iPhones by selecting Settings, About, Legal, then RF Exposure.)

Cruz Phone Cases is constructed of a material specially produced and certified to block the frequencies transmitted by cell phones.  Cruz cases achieve up to 99% attenuation (reduction) of the radio signal. This makes Cruz Cases one of the top phone cases offering the maximum radiation shielding of signals directed towards the brain on the market today.

While Mobile Retail Corporations shy away from such products in fear of damaging their corporate revenues, Cruz’s cases success has been from online retail stores such as Amazon ( and Amazon Canada ( and other online retailers.

Cruz offers EMF protection for over 22 different cell phones in multiple colors and styles. 

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