Ignacio Isusi Reveals Role of Employee Engagement for Spanish Speaking Workers

Making the workplace safe for Spanish-speaking employees requires modifying safety programs. Employees who speak limited or no English may represent the biggest challenges for maintaining corporate safety programs. Ignacio Isusi, a well-respected Ontological Executive Coach, is working with C-level manufacturing executives, HR Directors, and Quality Control and Quality Assurance executives to modify safety programs to ensure a safe workplace for non-English-speaking employees.

Isusi insists that coaching executives starts with a linguistic re-orientation. By setting up processes, leader ensure that before beginning work, each employee utilizes an initial safety orientation. While new employees may have a basic understanding of the English language sufficient to review basic and initial safety orientations, it does not create a safety culture requiring on-going Spanish instructions. 

Measuring (Lean Six Sigma) employee comprehension of safety training material, it is only possible when supplied in Spanish, reports Isusi. The safety leader offering the safety orientation should be bilingual in both English and Spanish, answering questions new employees may ask.

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About Ignacio Isusi Multi-Cultural Executive Coaching:

Ignacio Isusi is an expert in managing the world-class success of C-level business executives as well as leaders working to increase employee engagement.  An Ontological Business Coach (certified by Newfield Consulting), and Director of Active Techniques and Psychodrama (by The International Institute of Human Relations Dean and Doreen Elefthery), Isusi holds a law degree from the University of Deusto, an MBA in Business Administration and Management from ESDEN Business School and a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) and El Correo.   

Isusi has earned a reputation for providing coaching to C-level executives, those leaders at the highest corporate and organizational levels. Isusi’s coaching is grounded in solid leadership development principles, yet very practical and results-oriented. Isusi coaching strategies are applied immediately for behavioral change or strategic implementation. Clients are left with an immediate application and use for the principles after working with Isusi. 

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