Why Seo Is More Important For Business Now Than Ever Before

One on One Interview with a Search Engine Maverick

Miami, FL – May 10, 2017 –  Search Mavericks’ founder Larry Sheckell recently sat down with us to discuss the need for local businesses to have a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy in today’s modern world.

“Many companies, due to a lack of knowledge about the online landscape launch their website and sit back and wait for the magic to happen.” He explained. “That approach may have worked 10 years ago, when many of your competitors didn’t even have a website to compete with you, so Google just listed what was there, and if you were lucky, you’d be in the top 10 for your target search terms. Nowadays, everyone has a website, so it takes a lot more than that to be a competitor in the online marketplace.”

Ten years ago, however, may be a conservative estimate. The online “boom” happened in the late 90’s – early 2000’s. Since then the internet has exploded. With the advent of smartphones, tablets & other mobile devices, people are online more than ever before. Yellow Pages is on its last gasp.

“Google is the new yellow pages,” Larry continued. “Only it’s no longer alphabetical. To be found, you absolutely must be doing SEO at some level. And if you’re in a competitive market, you better be doing a lot of it.”

Considering the importance of SEO these days, it’s quite surprising how many business owners are still clueless about what it is. Some believe it’s a scam, others believe it’s some high-tech programming language that requires genius-level intellect to understand.

Larry has been in the industry since 2002. “The thing about SEO,” he continued “is that it’s not really difficult. There are a lot of unethical companies who offer SEO as a paid service that would love for you to continue believing that, but the reality is that it mostly just boils down to common sense.”

“There are a few things that are technical” he continued “such as getting your meta-tags just right, and linking your internal pages correctly. Beyond that, it’s just about doing your research to find out what search engines look for to rank websites for keywords, and trying to give them what they are looking for. Relevance is everything. It’s why other websites would link to yours, and why people would choose your site over your competitors’ sites. That’s really all there is to it. I spend 2-3 weeks teaching the basics of this to my new employees, and the more advanced stuff they pick up as they go.”

“Of course,” Larry added, “things change rapidly in this industry, so it helps to try to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of SEO”.

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