JVZoo Academy Course With The Official Endorsement From Jvzoo Inc. Is Being Introduced This Month

Leading online marketplace platform JVZoo are releasing JVZoo Academy: a 7-part training series for online business owners, led by one of the platform’s top affiliates Sam Bakker.

Many of the world’s top digital marketers trust JVZoo as their platform of choice. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the USA and connects thousands of product sellers with buyers daily. Therefore, when JVZoo certifies a training program, that must be world class. That is why this training course with its current launch have made a great impact on its quality and reliability.

Sam Bakker, the creator of JVZoo Academy Course said: “Using JVzoo is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. It helped me to sell my products online through quality affiliates. Since starting two years ago, I have traveled to over 27 different countries while building a seven-figure online marketing company with JVZoo.”

The project is began after Sam Bakker developed a strict process of running his business on the platform, and when he decided to take on some students to pass on his knowledge.

With JVZoo’s supports, Sam Bakker has put together the most complete blueprint to online success ever made. This system has been tested by several independent marketers for over two years and has been proven to work.

JVZoo Academy paid premium training is modeled for online business owners including new and advanced. The strategies which are shared within the training have been tested specifically on JVZoo Academy, and are taught in a way that will help students have maximum success on the platform.

JVZoo Academy training course features a 7-series training course. Each series has up to 20 lessons supplemented by training and how-to videos, transcripts, templates and other resources.

Inside JVZoo Academy are the four core training modules cover every base of online marketing. The first modules are called “Fundamentals” showing how to make the best use of JVZoo for maximum profit. Second, people will come to the “Business Foundation” module to know how to create a sustainable, long-term business from A to Z. Next is the “selling your products modules” teaching about niche selection, product creation and how to maximize profits per launch. The final module in JVZoo Academy is “Promoting as an affiliate” module teach people of pick winning offers and completing steps to craft compelling affiliate campaigns.

These series focus on creating a product, building an online business, running successful affiliate promotions, launching a product on JVZoo, legal issues when running an online business and how to scale your business for long-term success.

According to Sam Robinson, one of Sam Bakker’s first students was professional race car driver: “Sam Bakker helped me set up my online business within a matter of weeks, which allowed me to launch my first product after two months, and make five figures in affiliate promotions every month in just 7 months. There are no shortcuts in this industry, but you can definitely scale and see results faster than any other industry I have worked in.”

JVZoo Academy launches its free training, and the paid premium 7-series training on May 9th at 11 am EST on JVZoo.

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