Vidbuilderfx Software Helps Users To Create Trending Videos That Can Go Viral Using Just A Keyword


Facebook will soon start sharing their ad revenue and paying us big bucks for every viral video we post. The more views your video gets, the more income you are going to get paid from ads that Facebook display inside your video.

Insiders reveal that Facebook is going to launch their ad revenue sharing program and it is like YouTube. For this, users are going to be first in line to get paid a juicy cut of Facebook’s advertising and revenue on videos they post. And today, users around the world will have a chance to click on a software called VidBuilderFX. This software can create the same type of viral videos that are getting millions of views each week.

VidBuilderFX is a brand new software that automatically finds viral video clips from Facebook and Youtube based on the keyword of users and creates a “viral compilation” videos loaded with trending and viral clips. This tool then will publish these clips to Facebook for getting traffic, views, viral exposure and future positivity to help users make profits from their Facebook’s revenue sharing. Users can even save these videos and share them on their own website, on Twitter, Youtube, or anywhere else online if they want.

VidBuilderFX is designed with the variety of prominent features that make videos compelling and attractive.

VidBuilderFX software allows its users to create videos from a single keyword. Users simply drop a keyword and VidBuilderFX will automatically create a video clip compilation type video based on that keyword. After that, it will automatically find popular and trending video clips from the web and curate them into users’ video.

Owning the automatic features, VidBuilderFX can automatically create 100 videos based on the same keyword in a unique and different way. Moreover, the tool is ready to help users to mass publish tons of videos and dominate their niches on Facebook, Youtube or Google.

With VidBuilderFX tool, users can easily choose background music from their library or use the Text-To-Speech technology to create voice-over from their scripts to give their videos the professional shine they deserve and keep viewers constantly engaged from beginning to end.

Users now just take seconds to get their video onto Facebook whether it is on a Facebook Page, in a Group or on their own Profile. VidBuilderFX lets users easily upload their viral video to Facebook straight from the dashboard with a single click.

VidBuilderFX soft is a massive shortcut to creating viral videos that get users traffic. Now users have a genuinely unfair advantage when it comes to getting traffic and video views by cranking out free viral videos in under 1.5 seconds and raking in clicks.

Creating viral videos and getting free traffic is now finally within user’s reach because users no longer spend days or even weeks designing, storyboarding, shooting, animating, editing, encoding a video, and nobody even watches it. VidBuikderFX requires users no expensive tools like Photoshop, animators, effects, Movie Studio or encoders.

Thanks to the technology of VidBuilderFX, users do not do the guesswork of what might can go viral with their videos because the software will give them compiling video clips that are already trending and have already gone viral. After entering a keyword and in less than 15 seconds, users have got their own “viral compilation video” packed full of proven viral video clips, ready to start raking in free traffic, shares and revenue on Facebook, or anywhere else online.

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