Psychologist Nasia Davos Addressed Recent TED Talk About Addictions

Psychologist Nasia Davos recently presented a TEDx address concerning human addictions.  The talk centered on the underlying issues of various human addictions providing viewers with extensive knowledge on the subject.

“Nasia is brilliant when it comes to her knowledge and understanding of human addictions,” exclaimed a fan who had just viewed the video.  “She has the uncanny ability to hit the nail on the head.  I am intrigued with her creation of the CBQ (Cognitive Behavioural Quitting) technique and plan to put it into play.”

The noted UK psychologist has studied the subject of addiction extensively and has presented her findings in an easy to understand way to the viewers of tedx show by showcasing various real time examples.

Davos laid out the CBQ program in her appearance on the TEDx show, a concept created in 1984 by Richard Wurman for the purpose of hosting guests that present “ideas worth spreading” to the public.  The 4 stages of dislike for the addictive substance was the first subject Davos hit on. Simple steps to shake the associated feelings of being addicted was also addressed.

Experts and addicts alike have raved about the presentation on TEDx, praising the psychologist for her practical and positive presentation that have reportedly already encouraged a number of individuals.  The Ted Talk has gotten over ninteen thousand views on YouTube.

“She made it sound so do-able,” one viewer commented.  “When approached so positively, anything is possible and she certainly did a great job of being uplifting.  I am impressed with her knowledge of psychology but even more impressed on how she uses it to help people help themselves.”

Find out more about addiction solutions and Nasia Davos’ recent TED Talks presentation on her website.

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