New Book by Toni Reilly Reveals Regression Therapy Techniques for Personal Transformation

In her upcoming book, author and speaker Toni Reilly shares the intimate, inspiring details of her personal and professional journey to become Australia’s foremost regression therapist.

According to Toni Reilly – author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally-recognized Regression Therapist – “You are perfect, just the way you are!”

This is the core principle of Reilly’s philosophy, and she believes this knowledge helps people to lighten up, stress less, and accept life as it is. “Being our true self is tricky, especially given that most of us cannot comprehend what it means,” Reilly says. “Soul searching is an incredibly liberating stage that propels us forward with insightful knowledge of who we really are.”

In her book, Reilly shares the ups and downs of her own journey to self-realization, sharing her unique life lessons from her childhood in Australia, through marriage and divorce, to raising three children on her own. “I am inspired to share my life with the goal that people may find peace with every choice they made and accept their shortcomings,” Reilly says. “By telling my stories in everyday terms, I present concepts as examples which can be more easily comprehended. Those who resonate with things I have done or recognize parts of me within themselves might stop beating themselves up with self-imposed guilt, living up to unattainable standards, or remaining in a stalemate because they believe others are responsible for where they are in life.”

Today, Reilly is the creator and practitioner of SoulLife™ Coaching, visionary techniques and methods that compliment clinical psychology and mainstream counseling. Reilly’s trademark professional training teaches therapists to encompass profound healing techniques developed through her experience working with clients and groups.

As the director, course developer and main instructor of the Toni Reilly Institute, Reilly delivers workshops and seminars to audiences across Australia and internationally in United States, Denmark, United Kingdom and India. “Toni is an amazing, gifted and inspiring teacher,” says Sophie, a client in Sydney, Australia. “I have done several courses with her and all of them have exceeded my expectations. The clarity of the course content and teachings were excellent and very easy to understand and follow.”

With her new book, Reilly hopes to give readers a wonderful new perspective on themselves and the way of the world. “My wish is that people relate to my experiences and consequently be more lenient on themselves and others, initiating an internal movement to carry on in a kinder, more positive way.”

Awake by Toni Reilly is published by Holland House Publishing, New York.

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