Forever Redwood Adds Modern Touch To A Traditional Garden Feature

Annapolis, CA – Forever Redwood announces the expansion of their traditional garden pergola with the release of the Modern Louvered Garden Pergola, lessening the divide between a traditional pergola with partial shade and a pavilion with a full shade roof. The product adds to Forever Redwood’s unique lineup of completely customizable, versatile, and environmentally-friendly redwood products for all outdoor needs.

Traditionally built to be left to the ages, Forever Redwood has developed a pergola that is durable and resistant, while maintaining the look and feel of a traditional pergola.  The pergolas, built to sustain all types of weather, provide the flexibility to enjoy the perfect amount of sun based on the season and time of day, opening fully and remaining in any position they are placed.

Crafted with authentic real redwood and steel- with finely sanded timbers – the Louvered Garden Pergolas age gracefully to give off the “forever”-look that consumers look for when purchasing a traditional pergola.  CEO, Raul Hernandez, said “This new breed of pergolas places us (Forever Redwood) at the top of design concepts – turning a classic garden showpiece into a long-lasting and sustainable roofing structure to enhance areas both small and large. “

Coinciding with Forever Redwood’s commitment to bring a positive environmental impact to every product, the newly revamped pergola uses strictly restoration forestry redwood timber.

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