Introducing Malinche by Maria Fernanda Leano during Frieze NYC

NEW YORK, NY – 11 May, 2017 –

Introducing Malinche Art Show

Created and Curated by Performance and experimental artist Maria Fernanda Leaño. The show took place in 393 Broadway TriBeCa on May 5th in New York City, the special guest was Mexican Consul in New York Diego Gomez Pickering.

The artist channels a nowadays version of “La Malinche” She was a historical character from the conquest of The Americas  (American Continent) she was an Aztec Princess sold as a slave and became the lover and translator to General Hernan Cortés who defeated the Aztecs with her help and started the “new world” they had a son together and he was the first registered mixed blood child in this continent.

The show consisted on performance art, installations, visual reality, videos, paintings, photos and collages, all involving socio-political situations between Mexico and USA, the exhibition was a peaceful reaction to the current situation between there border siblings.

I attached a Dropbox link with high resolution photos and texts.

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Portraits of Malinche:

Art by Malinche:

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Company Name: Malinche Art
Contact Person: Maria Fernanda Leaño
Phone: +1(917)5656718
Country: United States