Body Shaming Affects Health and Love

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Is being fat a crime? Body shaming is unhealthy and has a negative impact on gender relations.

Is being fat a crime? In order to call out for and promote body positivity and diversity, Georgia Gibbs recently posted a sexy photo of herself and her good friend Katie Wasley on Instagram while on holiday, which received shocking reactions from netizens – condemnation of Georgia – because it was quite obvious that her figure was much slimmer than her curvier friend’s. Netizens falsely believed that Georgia deliberately chose to take a photo with a rounder Katie to emphasize her slimness. Some even thought that Georgia had Photoshopped herself to be even thinner, to make Katie appear fatter.

Georgia and Katie both stated that this was not the reaction they were expecting. Their original intention was to arouse everyone’s acceptance of body diversity and to counteract body shaming. Their aim was to let people know that they shouldn’t blindly lose weight or purposefully make themselves look sexy. As long as you’re healthy, it’s fine.

Do you think Georgia did this to make herself appear thinner? Do you believe thinner women are more beautiful? Body shaming is a common occurrence and everyone has the tendency to do so. It is the act of bullying, singling out, discriminating against, or making fun of a fat person. It may be done under the guise of helping the person realize they need to lose weight. How do you know if you are a body-shamer or not? Here are some signs that you are:
– You feels superior to overweight people
– You makes jokes about fat people in public or in the media
– You tease friends/family about their weight to try to be “funny”
– You allow family members to make fun of fat people
– You think thinness is as a characteristic of success, happiness, or self control
– You make assumption of personal character/morality based on appearance/size)

Body shaming is unhealthy and shameful itself, and has a negative impact on gender relations. Co-author Tom Wadden, PhD, to Rebecca Pearl, PhD, states in their research the negative effects that body shaming has on satisfaction in love and on health, “Blaming and shaming patients with obesity is not an effective tool for promoting weight loss, and it may in fact contribute to poor health if patients internalize these prejudicial messages,”.

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