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Everything included in single-use travel toilet kit
Potty Pack is a single-use travel toilet kit that includes everything but the toilet. Anyone who travels and needs to use a less than pleasant bathroom or porta-potty will be happy to have such a convenient item that includes toilet paper, seat covers, wet wipes and hand sanitizer. This small package offers great peace of mind.

Potty Packs LLC was founded by avid outdoorsmen who love hunting, fishing, camping and just experiencing the beauty of nature. Andrew, one of the founders, was hunting one crisp Fall Texas morning when he felt the urge. Unfortunately he had forgotten the toilet paper and hand sanitizer back at the truck a couple of miles back. That moment he realized how essential it was to have a simple, easy to carry single use toilet kit with him. The idea for Potty Packs was born.

The company founders also have small children and it became clear that while attending soccer tournaments in the park, or going on road trips, that there are plenty of toilets and porta-potties that one has to use that are less clean than is desirable.

We offer two different versions, Sh!t Kits are for the outdoors that include a disposal bag. This bag can be used to easily pick up any of the wrappings and left-overs to make sure that no trash is left behind to pollute nature. Potty Packs replace the disposal bag with a toilet seat cover and are intended for every-day people who encounter toilets with seats instead.

These convenient packs fit easily into any pant pocket, handbag or glove compartment and provide great peace of mind. Better to have one and not need it, then to need it and be without.

Potty Packs are for the traveler, road tripper, tail gater, festival attendee, or simply anyone who needs to use a porta-potty or other unpleasant facilities. Families with small children especially like the convenience of this product, and the secure feeling that it provides Each kit includes 4 feet of 2-ply toilet paper, seat cover, wet wipe, hand sanitizer and a hand wipe.

Sh!t Kits are for the hunter, fisherman, casual camping and general outdoors crowd. They include everything one needs, but the toilet itself. Each kit includes 4 feet of 2-ply toilet paper, disposal bag, wet wipe, hand sanitizer and a hand wipe.

Our products are “Made in the USA” and Potty Packs LLC is a veteran owned company. All packs are assembled in our local facility in Austin, Texas.

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