Teen advocate Audra Luke empowering teens to express themselves through online video

Lawyer, poet and teen advocate Audra Luke is empowering teens by enabling them to express their inner issues and thoughts to the world through online video with her dynamic online nonprofit video network Greengelo.

Stone Mountain, GA – May 12, 2017 – Teenage is testing with bouts of angst, depression, low self-esteem and many other inner issues. Young adults often struggle to voice their problems  and are in a dire need of a platform where they can express themselves. In such a disturbing scenario, a visionary teen advocate Audra Luke has come up with her dynamic online nonprofit video network Greengelo that aims to empower the teens by enabling them to express themselves through online videos. 

A lawyer by trade and teen activist and poet by passion, Luke has been empowering high school and incarcerated teenagers through her inspiring speech and poetry workshops for more than 15 years now.

“After working for more than a decade with teens, I felt that the young adults are in the need of a proper channel or platform which will allow them to communicate their feelings to the world. Unless they get to voice their inner issues they cannot fight their way through the challenges in life. Such a condition severely impedes their further development. Thus, Greengelo was formed with the mission to provide the teens with a friendly forum where they can express themselves at their heart’s content. It allows them to share their visions and thoughts with one another and also helps them to seek for creative and healthy ways to deal with their angst. Greengelo is committed to teach teens on how to face their inner issues and then translate them through video and art to the world”, stated Audra Luke. 

Audra herself had a troubled childhood marred with incidents like sexual abuse and the negative side-kicks arising from it. She found solace and power in poetry which she further used to motivate and empower the other troubled teens. Her significant contribution in the lives of teens everywhere has earned her applauds and acclaim from all over. Today she is rightly hailed as “Queen of Spoken Word” and “Voice of Young Adults”. 

“I found that the teens were so angry. I also saw that they relied on media to obtain an identity that they felt served a purpose in their lives. That’s when I made the choice to give them something that would allow them the opportunity to share their OWN identity, feelings, and dreams. That’s when I created GreenGelo. I had a rough childhood, myself. I was sexually assaulted, I fought a lot, and I gave up on myself at a very young age. Poetry helped to save me.”

Audra’s promising work for the teens has earned her the honor to work with some of the biggest celebs today like Patti LaBelle, Prince, and Sean “Puffy” Combs. Her poetic performances, write-ups, workshops and publication have all been covered by esteemed media outlets like HBO, BET, CNN, TBS etc. The talented teen advocate has also won the Best Fiction award for her novel  “Dear Diary…Letters from Lana”.

Luke has recently completed two other motivational books for teens. One is “From Powerless to Empowered” that narrates the landmark Poetic Expression empowerment workshop she had implemented into high schools and teen incarceration centers for the past 15 years. The other one is “In the Trenches” which reveals the inspiration behind her original poems. All proceeds from the book sales would be directly donated to GreenGelo. 

Additionally, Luke is also writing and choreographing her One-Woman Spoken-word Stage play that features the various characters of the teens she has worked with over the years. The play would be filmed next month.

To know more about Audra and her inspirational work with teens, please visit www.audraluke.com and www.GreenGelo.com

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Dc0dTOcVQO4 

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