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California, US – Taxes are an uncertainty for many. They can play as an advantage if the consumer is receiving a tax refund or may be a disadvantage if one owes IRS. Whether an individual or business has filed their taxes on their own or sought professional help, the expert tax attorney in Los Angeles at Platinum Tax Defenders LLC can assist those struggling with back tax problems.

Taxes tend to amplify an individual’s financial anxiety, but the attorneys at Platinum Tax Defenders LLC want to alleviate that anxiety by offering their tax resolution services. The IRS has implemented payment plans and tax extensions for those who are suffering from back taxes.However, receiving letters from the IRS can fill any individual with intimidation. The circumstances will always vary, regardless when the consumer didn’t pay their back taxes, with possible consequences ranging from wage garnishment, property liens, or bank account levy. This is where the tax experts at Platinum Tax Defenders LLCcan help.

For those individuals who owe a substantial amount of money, it is in their best interest to seek help from professionals regarding their back taxes. By prioritizing the client, the attorneys put their clients back on track while directly negotiating with the IRS to set up an appropriate payment plan. Further, ‘offer in compromise’ is another service that the attorneys at Platinum Tax Defenders LLC specialize in. If an individual is falling behind on their back taxes, it gives them the opportunity to settle their debt for less than what they owe if they qualify.

The program offers numerous services such as amending tax returns, bank levy releases, IRS audits, and much more. Consumers are encouraged to contact the tax attorney Los Angeles to see if their case qualifies for offer in compromise.

At Platinum Tax Defenders LLC, the company’s success thrives off their individualized approach to achieve customer satisfaction. They have received recognition and accreditation on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)site for the work they do for clients and the stellar results they continue to achieve. Rated a 4.7 out of 5 on the BBB website, clients can feel confident when working with such a leading firm.

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