Braunstein Law, APC Now Offers Legal Representation for Prenuptial Services throughout San Diego County

Del Mar, CA – Although it may seem unromantic or awkward to discuss how assets would be divided if a couple were to get a divorce, it is becoming increasingly common and prudent for couples considering marriage to think about whether a prenuptial agreement is right for them. Studies show that many people are getting married later in life, and have accumulated separate assets of their own. Those separate property rights and interests should be discussed and protected in a prenuptial agreement accordingly, so that each spouse does not risk losing or dividing their separate property assets upon divorce.

Another reason why a prenuptial agreement is beneficial for a couple getting married, is that it may be a subsequent second or third marriage for either individual. Likely, they want to avoid the stress and cost of a potential divorce or, as in many cases, there are preexisting child support issues or property rights that should be addressed in the prenuptial agreement. Braunstein Law, APC is a law firm based out of Del Mar and San Diego that is dedicated to helping families protect their reputation, wealth, and familial bonds.

Alana Braunstein is the principal attorney at Braunstein Law, APC. She is a Del Mar divorce attorney and a prenuptial lawyer. She practices family law and has a passion for helping families deal with the stresses of going through a divorce. She understands and relates to each client and wants to help families go through the divorce without having to go to court. Keeping the divorce out of the courtroom is much easier on families, especially the children, which is why Ms. Braunstein does her best to negotiate on behalf of her client, whether it is for a prenuptial agreement or a divorce settlement between both spouses.

Although divorce may be the first service most people associate with a divorce attorney, Braunstein Law, APC now offers prenuptial services. When two people fall in love and decide to get married, the last thing they are thinking about is what would happen if they decided to get a divorce. Most people do not get married with the intentions of getting a divorce. However, divorce rates are very high and the chances of getting a divorce increase if the person has been married before.

Braunstein Law, APC stresses the importance of entering into a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement can protect both spouses from losing ownership in assets acquired before the marriage. It can also protect a spouse from losing part of an asset that increased in value over the course of the marriage, which is one of the most common reasons for couples to contest a divorce and incur high litigationcosts. Braunstein Law, APC strives to make fair prenuptial agreements that both spouses agree on, andallows couples to contract out of California’s community property laws. In other words, a prenuptial agreement can address as many or as little components as the couple desires. Although prenuptial agreements are not necessary for every couple, prenuptial services are becoming increasingly more common and useful for today’s couples. Usually, if a couple genuinely needs a prenuptial agreement, both spouses are receptive to the idea of making a fair and detailed agreement.

Locals in the Del Mar and San Diego areas know how beneficial a meeting with Alana Braunstein from Braunstein Law, APC can be. Braunstein Law, APC offers a free half-hour consultation to discuss the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, and assists clients with reviewing prenuptial agreements to make sure that both individuals come to a fair agreement which represents their wishes.

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