TILL THE END OF TIME By Sylvia Anthony

A winner of Record and an Inspiration to its Readers

Sylvia’s memoir is a story of courage, tenacity, faith and love, “‘Till the End of Time 3rd edition” garners huge recognition as Amazon’s No. 1 best-seller in four categories, receiving acclaims from both the readers and the media. The life Sylvia knew was that of being an unwanted child, ill-treated by her father and disregarded by her mother. However, her grandparents and uncles showered her with love. She was taught to always have faith by her grandmother and learned self reliance at an early age. At age 15 she met Tony, the love of her life. A love at times unattainable and forbidden, a love that conquered all. A love that lasted Till the End of Time. Life has never been easy for Sylvia. Ten months after she graduated High School, she married for all the wrong reasons, the urge to get out of the house as quickly as possible and on the rebound. An abusive and violent marriage ended in her painful divorce.

As a single mother, she bravely took the responsibility of raising her three children with pure love determination and hard work. Readers are drawn to Sylvia’s experience. The difficulty of life-emotionally, socially and financially is very stressful, throughout this whole time her faith in God always prevailed. She says, “To trust in God is faith. Faith isn’t blind it’s visionary.” Her second marriage with Rick re-aligned her dreams of a new start. With God as the center of their relationship, At age 61 Rick was stricken with cancer and 6 months before his death they established a shelter for homeless women and children, called Sylvia’s Haven, that has been operating for over thirty years.
His last two sentences were, “Go get the girls” and “Don’t worry I will always take care of you.” When Rick passed away, Tony re-enters Sylvia’s life, they truly became soul mates. For the next 13 years Tony helped Sylvia with the shelter moving furniture, getting food from the food bank, taking them on doctor’s visits etc, etc. He worked unceasingly until his death at 71 years of age. A love that lasted truly “Till the End of Time.” Their shelter is the testimony of undying love and the paragon of serving others like a home where love never ends. At age 87 she says, “Age has not limits, if you don’t limit it.” 

“Lovely story of trust and faith. When one opens up to be available to the magnificent power within, one can be, do or become whatever one aspires to.” -Julie Jones Hamilton, Amazon reviewer “A true inspiration to the human race! Amazing story and an even more amazing author.” -Damon, Amazon reviewer

Sylvia Anthony


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About the Author

Sylvia Anthony is the epitome of generosity and a true follower of God. She is the founder of Sylvia’s Haven which is a nonprofit housing facility that provides shelter, guidance and emotional support for homeless women and their children. She has helped transform over 1086 lives in the past 30 years. 

Sylvia Anthony has been featured on The 700 Club, and received a commendation from President George Bush in 2002. She is the recipient of the Arthur L. Whitaker Award, the National Alliance to End Homelessness Recognition Award, Ambassador for Peace Award, the Governor of Massachusetts Recognition Award, and was named the 2001 Hometown Hero by WBZ-TV in Boston.

To be a part of this cause, visit www.sylviashaven.org

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