Etekcity Sets The Bar High For Digital Body Weight Scale Technological Innovation

USA – Smart tech devices have joined the arsenal of fitness accessories employed by those who have set on a quest to lose weight, tone their physique, or sustain their overall wellbeing. Etekcity, the “ecommerce retailer serving customers in home improvement, consumer electronics, and outdoor equipment” boasts an impressive range of digital body weight scales, which combine all the characteristics that will justifiably crown them as the ultimate way to keep track of one’s BMI and advance in their fitness goals.

With sleek, futuristic designs accentuated by their tempered glass upper surfaces, the Etekcity digital body weight scales are outfitted with anti-skid padding; precision sensors; backlit LCD displays that show clear readings; a weight unit conversion option (pounds or kilograms); overload protection; low battery indication, meant to “maximize battery life and extend product lifespan”, as well as expert, automatic calibration, which guarantees fast and accurate measurements.

All Etekcity digital body weight scales are built to last, and have a 400 lb / 180 kg capacity. Furthermore, since each scale is powered by two AAA batteries, they make for an affordable and incredibly helpful fitness tool.

“Etekcity is committed to excellence in all fields of its operations. Developing superior quality products with a focus on our customers’ wellbeing, as well as providing top-of-the-line customer service are the cornerstones of the company’s principles. The Etekcity digital body weight scale line of products is characterized by its accuracy, convenience, ease of use, and high-end functions. We trust in our products which is why we back every single one of them with a foolproof 1-year warranty,” said Etekcity’s media representative.

He continued, “We always welcome customer feedback, as it helps our company cater to our clients’ needs best. We are firm believers that shipping costs detract from the shopping experience, and this is why all Etekcity products such as kitchen scales ship free of charge, to any destination around the globe.”

The full range of Etekcity’s digital body weight scales can be viewed its official website.

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