Liam Zed The Designer Is Turning Into One Of Canada’s Most Eccentric Multimedia Artists – And The Public Seems To Love It

TORONTO, CA – Liam Zed The Designer, Liam Zalitach’s alter ego, has quickly established himself as an unconventional multimedia artist, whose name has become synonymous with daring innovation by members of the Canadian art and business scene.

As Zed applies his unique approach to not only reshaping the principles of graphic design, but also to leading companies and freelancers towards blazing their own paths in their respective fields, his reputation now precedes him everywhere he goes.

Courtney Cunningham

Not one to meet a stranger, Zed is, however, pleasantly surprised to be recognized on the street – and seemingly not owing to his exceptional sartorial choices, which have been the subject of both adoration and even imitation by his enthusiastic Instagram followers. Zed is known to attract attention like a magnet, with some vividly describing how his creativity is a force that shapes his words and outlines his fluidity of motion.

Commenting on what he thinks are the reasons behind his growing fame, Zed said that “I am that weird blend of tortured artist and wickedly driven and dedicated entrepreneur. It’s that odd mix that fuels my drive for the success of my and that of my clients’ businesses.”

Paul Dygon

Perhaps it is his early success that has drawn attention to the young artist, but it appears that, as all things having to do with Zed, a single explanation will not suffice when it comes to deciphering the defining factors that have led a man to transcend the realm of private and public life and become a phenomenon.

The artist and entrepreneur, the leader and mentor, the dreamer, visionary and soon-to-be authority: the list of adjectives will ever be too short to describe Zed, who, after all, is not one to conform to labels – but rather one that creates them.

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