OpenSource Home and Build Project launched Indiegogo Campaign to Revolutionize Housing

Creating a Dream House that is Intelligent, Economical, Ecological, Self-Sufficient and Environmental with a Unique Approach of Community-Collaboration

OsHome or OpenSource Home is a project initiated by a Swiss Engineer to build the dream houses of the future. The company is engaging community to build a house that meets all its needs and even provides healthy organic food to its occupant. The creators of this remarkable futuristic project have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to seek community support for this project of the future and everyone is being welcomed to support this amazing idea.

“OsHome wishes to develop an OpenSource Community Platform to place at the disposal the elements necessary for construction of houses, furniture and equipment in order to make possible the realization of ecological residences; but also easier, less expensive, faster and closer to everyone.” Said Steve Piermaria, the creator of OpenSource Home.

Following are some of the key features of the OsHome Project:

  • Quick construction with recyclable and natural materials.

  • Energy saving through sophisticated and advanced home automation techniques.

  • Self-sufficient with its own production of energy superior to consumption.

  • Recovery mechanisms of rainwater for the toilet and washing machine.

  • Cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

  • Breeding of fish with the principles of aquaponics

With a deep realization of housing needs for the people, the project is aimed at full-facilitation of those who will participate in any sort of capacity. The company will provide all the information to anyone who wants to build a house on this formula. Moreover, people will also have the freedom to modify the masterplan provided by OpenSource.

The Indiegogo campaign is located on the web at: and it offers pledges ranging from of $1 to $470 or more with their rewards ranging from gratitude to a builder pack containing several items including accessories, t-shirts, beta access to the website and the complete OsHome e-book.

About OsHome

OpenSource Home is a project of the future and is aimed at a healthy and more economical way of living for the generations to come. The project will reshape the way people live and build their houses today due to several amazing features and benefits. Now seeking community support at Indiegogo, the creators are welcoming everyone around the world to support this great initiative of the future.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Steve Piermaria
Phone: +41797576669
City: Penthaz
Country: Switzerland