BENX launches Indiegogo Campaign to Back the Original Seat for Guitar and Bass Players

BENX: A Groundbreaking Seat has Arrived as a Gift for the Musicians who Love Playing Intense Sessions of Guitar and Bass

Tiago Gibellino is a musician from Portugal who has created BENX for the guitar and bass players worldwide. He has been playing guitar for over two decades and has experienced severe back pains after long sessions of practice. In order to completely eliminate this problem faced by an overwhelming number of guitarists worldwide, he has created BENX. It is a revolutionary seat that guarantees a perfect sitting position for playing as well as comfort.

BENX is a seat that allows you to play for countless hours without feeling back pain.” Said Tiago while introducing this amazing seat to the public. “The seat angle obliges your back to keep naturally straight while playing without compromising your guitar or bass playing.” He added. BENX is able to support up to 250 pounds of weight and it is a lightweight chair that can be easily carried everywhere due to the fact that is made up of two wood pieces that fit together like a puzzle.

Tiago was advised by physicians not to play due to his backaches but he had a passion for music that led him to create BENX. The seat has been created after years of research and development to find the perfect sitting position for longer sessions. Moreover, just like a guitar, it can be carried anywhere with ease. The BENX is now seeking community support to raise funds on Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to back this project because it is not only for the guitarists but is also for the fans who want to see their favorite performers healthy at all times in order to keep playing for them.

The Indiegogo campaign is located on the web at:–2  and it offers a pledge for €228, rewarding with BENX, the original bag.

About BENX

BENX is a seat designed by a veteran Portuguese Musician to give them a comfortable sitting position while performing. After going through severe back pains, the founder created this chair for the guitarists from all across the world. BENX is currently seeking public support on Indiegogo and is welcoming everyone to back it.

Media Contact
Company Name: Benx
Contact Person: Tiago Achega
Phone: +351 91 937 7129
Address:Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca nº87, 4º dto
City: Lisbon
Country: Portugal