Founder and Former Managing Director of TIMUZ Launches New Company

Former Managing Director – Mohammed Ahmed, launches new company called “BigCode Games Pvt. Ltd” in Hi-tech city, IT hub of Hyderabad, India.

Mohammed Ahmed has resigned in May, 2017 from Timuz to launch a new gaming company – BigCode. Timuz was ranked among the top developers in India and has gained 70+ million downloads in Google Play Store.

When asked about his new company “BigCode” and what the future holds, Mohammed Ahmed replied: “I am so excited about my new company. I was extremely proud as the co-founder of TIMUZ and what I achieved, but with my new company I can really expand on what I have done previously and set the gaming world alight.”

Mohammed Ahmed who has 500+ mobile games on different platforms like iOS and Android on his credit aims to generate even more games with his new company. The leading Indian developer dreams to make games and to make all Indians proud and aims to make his new gaming development company the biggest in gaming industry and a leading force around the world.

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About Mohammed Ahmed

Ahmed Mohammed was the co-founder and Group CEO of TIMUZ, the leading gaming development company in India. Timuz started in 2010 in Hyderabad, India with a passion of making games and a dream to achieve. Lack of gaming sources and gaming culture in Indian mobile market drove him to create TIMUZ.

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Company Name: BigCode
Contact Person: Mohammed Ahmed
Country: India