Airwheel S8MINI Smart 2 Wheel Electric Scooter Is Also Kids’ Best Friend

Airwheel S8MINI self-balancing scooter is suitable for all people ranging from senior citizens to little kids. My nephew, Paddy, can ride it freely and easily. It is more than a plaything, but also a good friend that will give him a happy childhood.

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Electric scooters started to be the practical transport for the public. The innovation of Airwheel overturned the dogmas in the scooter industry. Airwheel S8MINI intelligent power scooter has the outstanding designs and performances yet much lower prices because of Airwheel’s strong control of the industry chain and ideas of leaving more benefits to consumers.

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Paddy becomes much naughtier and happier because of his new friend-Airwheel S8MINI. It is small in figure and light in weight, but big in loading capacity. Generally speaking, the maximum loading capacity is 100kg. Little figure also paves the way for small riding space, which is why my nephew can ride it in the house. Double riding modes are also the highlights of Airwheel S8MINI self-balancing scooter, which is realized by a flexible saddle. Then, people can ride it by sitting or standing, but Paddy is often riding it by standing-posture. Comparatively speaking, the elderly people prefer to ride it by sitting-posture.

electric walkcar

The riding safety of Airwheel S8MINI is fully guaranteed and thus parents are worry-free when Paddy is riding the scooter alone. With the dual-core and double battery protection boards, it can work independently. When one electric board is invalid, the other will make the scooter slow down gradually to ensure safety. On the one hand, it has speed protection system and all of its controls are very easy. The maximum speed of Airwheel S8MINI electric walkcar is 16km/h. Once it surpasses that value, the electric motor will stop working. Meanwhile, my nephew can move forward or slow down by leaning forward or backward slightly, which also ensures riding safety.

On the other hand, Airwheel S8MINI has an exclusively-designed App, which is downloaded from Airwheel website and installed in my brother’s phone. Then, my brother can get to know the riding speed, remaining battery, temperature and mileage of scooter through his phone anytime and anywhere. For kids,Airwheel S8MINI double-wheels electric scooter is really a good friend and it gives them a happy childhood. 

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