Milton Barbarosh: Offering Help with Mergers and Acquisitions

Clients Raise Needed Capital to Fund Their Businesses While Following the Laws of the Land

One of the main services offered by Milton Barbarosh is the help companies need in mergers and acquisitions. He has the experience and skills to make him the first choice by business owners who want to maintain the upper hand through the merger or acquisition while following the laws of the land. His position as a member of various high profile financial groups further adds to the credibility of his services.

Most businesses that hope to grow in the future can expect to go through a merger or acquisition at some point. Merging two businesses into one means that one company will completely lose its identity and everything that used to represent it will now be a part of the other company. The company that retains its existence will also maintain all the rights and privileges of the merged business.

The merger or acquisition process is regulated by state and federal laws which the emerging corporation is liable to follow. There are even laws in place that can interfere with a company’s ability to proceed with a merger or acquisition. This is why it is vital to obtain experienced legal representation from an attorney who knows the state laws associated with these transactions and who knows the best tactics for driving the process forward.

There are different types of mergers and established procedures that corporations must follow. A merger may occur horizontally when one firm acquires a second firm which produces a similar product as their own. A merger in this case will reduce competition. A vertical merger, on the other hand, is when one firm acquires a supplier or a customer of another firm. The third type of merger is a conglomerate which includes all other types of acquisitions.

Milton Barbarosh has years of experience helping businesses with mergers and acquisitions to minimize their risk and loss. A successful acquisition is one that allows the client to retain the upper hand. This is accomplished by following the federal and state laws that apply to the process. One of the most important decisions that a firm will make is to hire an experienced attorney who can guide them from the initial steps of the process until the process is completed. For businesses in Florida, Milton Barbarosh is the best legal advisor to rely on for a successful acquisition.

About Milton Barbarosh

Milton Barbarosh is a certified public accountant and licensed business valuator providing services to companies in the state of Florida. For the past 25 years, Mr. Barbarosh has been advising businesses in mergers & acquisitions, financing, valuation, and accounting. His areas of expertise include asset management, purchase and sale of businesses, corporate loans, equity credit lines, joint ventures, factoring and debt restructuring. In 2011, Barbarosh founded Empire Global Advisory Services, LLC, to continue the successful investing and services. He has the experience and skills to help businesses grow in spite of our challenging economic environment.

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