Today, May 15, 2017, Entrepill makes public the awareness of free classes to wilful unemployed Americans desiring to work smarter and achieve financial breakthrough through entrepreneurship. The enrolment will begin on June 21st at the website. The classes provides a rare opportunity for individuals who are idle, out of work or disengaged to re-discover their purpose and become productive.

According to a statement from Moe Rock the Founder, An Award Winning Entrepreneur “As part of our mission to help Entrepreneurs reach their peak potential, the organization is offering free courses to select unemployed Americans who want to become entrepreneurs. Entrepill believes in every goal driven and self-reliant person, there is a potential entrepreneur ready to start a business, change his or her life and create opportunities for others”.

Entrepill members receive online access to online courses as part of the life changing community. Participants shall be afforded a golden chance to gain the secrets of success and the path to greatness by learning from real life experiences of people who have made it. It is a source of hope to those who has been tossed by the vicissitudes of life and those who feel discouraged and depressed as a result of constant setbacks in their business, workplaces or careers. The classes are enriched with inspiring and expository features which includes:

  1. A Self Development guide which reveals winning mentality tips, how to manage money and keys on how to relate with people around you;

  2. A membership access to their recommended book list, secrets on how you can start, build and grow your own business.

  3. Revelation of passive income ideas, chat with other members via forums to learn and connect, and also unlimited access to their useful resources links.

  4. A Personal Audit tracking system for the progress of short term and long term goals that are set.

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“It is hard to describe I would say it is something that can only be experienced.” says Asaf Fulks an Entrepreneur and Owner of The OC Recording Academy.  Ray Sangra a successful real estate mogul, Entrepreneur affiliated with Oakwyn realty says  “I have had a life changing experience with the Entrepill success principles. They have become apart of my life.”

Entrepill Education will not only help you take advantage of the opportunities that exist in life, but keep you from making the mistakes that cause people to constantly settle for a life of far less than they deserve to experience. The experience encourages social entrepreneurship education but also a dedication to highlighting the amazing social entrepreneur heroes of our time and their incredible work that otherwise would go unnoticed within the community. Providing the trends, information, and resources necessary to help social entrepreneurs continue to redefine the role of business in the world today.

For more details visit www.entrepill.com

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