The Most Obdurate Job in the World

Being a culture creator proved to be, in the past few decades, the most challenging task to take oneself and the last thing a Dad will want his child to be. With such self-sacrifice, why are few people still willing to do it?

“It’s not a job, it’s to choose to be chosen,” Said Ariel De Lion, an international culture creator from Brooklyn. Ariel is coming from a Jewish family of traders and doctors; his grandparents came to Palestine after WW2 and were among the founders of Israel.

Image by BangOn! NYC.

Ariel’s attraction to music started at eight years old, and at age 16 he played in front a crowd of 10,000 people, he was also, the first in his family to become an Artist. After few successful radio hits and projects in Israel, such as Hostel Ayalon, acclaimed art installation Casino Ayalon, and Showdown Festival, Ariel came to NYC to visit his girlfriend during her student exchange program at the Cooper Union.

A fellow friend showed him a mythological recording studio in Manhattan, Ludlow Studio, a place where Lady Gaga, Lou Reed, and David Bowie played, and Ariel convinced him to make it a Radio station. In few months of preparation, Lower East Side Radio was On Air. Following that, his Band signed with Universal Music Group and Ariel found himself in the greatest junction of his life. One was to either go back home with his girlfriend to the secure Tel Aviv scene and the comfort of family, or staying solely with no money, support or citizenship in New York and help to recreate the cultural center of the world. Ariel chose the latter. His parents stopped funding him, and after few months of a long distant relationship, his girlfriend broke up with him as well.

Photo by Ian P. Clifford

Single in New York during the big shift of 2011, political protests, gentrification and eventually the rise of Trump administration. Ariel De Lion dedicated his life to become a culture creator and built few Brooklyn art collectives such as Music Wagon, Thunder Gumbo, House of Yes, JunXion, DOMLO, produced over 200 events, performed with his band in Canada and throughout the US. He was also one of the key players in the creation of the world’s most renowned cultural sector, and a neighborhood considered by many to be the coolest place on earth, Bushwick.

“Bushwick You Are Beautiful” is a series of archival articles exploring the importance of culture creators on the American life. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are already out. A different magazine will publish each part and it’s a quest to find it.

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