Frameless Shower Enclosures More in Demand Today, Confirms JT Spas

Modern bathrooms are no longer simple, basic places where one can perform one’s hygiene functions – today, bathrooms are more luxurious and comfortable, and this is evidenced by the new popularity of frameless shower enclosures, which are also known for their practicality in design.

JT Spas has years of experience being a bathroom product supplier in the UK, and its range of products (which are all found on its website) include all one needs to outfit their bathroom, from bathroom furniture to shower cubicles and enclosures, toilets, taps, and basins, radiators, and other accessories needed for any contemporary bathroom, such as mirrors, rails, and more. The products are all sourced from reputable and popular manufacturers, which produce quality supplies and items with the highest UK and European standards in mind.

Today, preferences have changed, especially when it comes to the major elements needed in the bathroom, such as shower enclosures. Customers are prioritising comfort and practicality as well as aesthetic appeal, and customers are looking for shower cubicles and enclosures that can give them exactly what they are looking for. The basic shower cubicle is still being offered, but there are now more choices than ever as well.

One prime example of this is the selection of shower cubicles being offered by JT Spas. One of the most popular items nowadays is the frameless shower enclosure, which is not only sleek, modern, and elegant, but practical, too. JT Spas has more frameless shower enclosures in store for its customers, including the Elite Frameless Quadrant Shower Enclosure, which is one of JT Spas’ featured products on its website. The Elite Frameless shower enclosure measures 900mm, and comes with glass which is 8mm thick as well. But aside from this, the frameless enclosure comes with ‘easy clean glass protection,’ which helps keep the glass spotless and clean for a longer time, as the protection makes use of Nano technology.

Another feature which makes this frameless shower enclosure stand out is its sliding door (a space-saving design), and it also features high-quality rollers and top bars in stainless steel. The product comes with a warranty of 10 years from the manufacturer, and it is actually on sale right now. From its original price of £599, it has gone down to only £219 – a total of £380 in savings for the customer.

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JT Spas is a renowned UK supplier of bathroom products, offering affordable and high-quality bathroom supplies. Its range of products includes a broad selection of shower enclosures. All the products can be found on the JT Spas website.

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