The Glory Craftsman – The Second Innovative Craftsman Ceremony Exploring the way to revive Chinese Traditional Crafts

In today’s China, the promotion of excellent traditional culture has become the trend of the times, and the revitalization of traditional crafts has become one of the important ways to revive Chinese traditional culture. Handicraft magazine, www.91craft and MH Maker held a festival named The Glory Craftsman – The Second Innovative Craftsman Ceremony on May 13, 2017.

Focusing on the topic revitalize the traditional handicraft, the hosts invited experts and scholars on handicrafts, excellent craftsmen, century-old enterprises which inherit traditional culture, innovative handicraft enterprises and designers on international stage. All these powers get together and pass on their inheritance and development to the public through vivid lectures and in-depth discussion, which made an impact on handicraft industry.

The event also announced the “China’s traditional culture revitalization top 100 list”, and will gather the scattered fork handicrafts power together, such as high-end umbrella brand from LILAC, manually brewed from Luzhou Lao Jiao, Guo Jiao 1573, Chinese medicine from GuangYuYuan, clothes from HAMIN REMIX, intangible cultural heritage from JINWEN YUNJIN, traditional handicrafts from ZHU BINGREN COPPER, innovative design from JIUSHEN, comb from CARPENTER TAN, blackwood’s modern design from ARTIMBER, the revolution of Dong culture from RUI HOUSE.

The ceremony sorted current China’s traditional culture revitalization top 100, gathered the force, jointly carried forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture and promoted the contemporary development of the traditional handicrafts by the enterprises which are engaged in handicrafts culture, the zones which are created by modern village and traditional village, the organization which promote traditional handicrafts, and project which specialize in handicrafts cross-border cooperation.

Professor Xu Yiyi, from Nanjing University, pointed out the modern way of traditional handicrafts, “The first thing is to stimulate the vitality of creation, protect the personality of craftsmen, explore the value of creative handicrafts, inspired the material inspiration and handicrafts potential, recover and develop endangered or degraded excellent handicrafts and elements.”

Zhao Nong, a professor of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, who has spent 10 years investigating homespun cloth, said, “The folk arts and crafts are the development of the people’s life, the existence of technology for thousands of years, and the only way for the healthy development of the nation.

Mr. Chen Jinglin, founder of the TENNII, shared his views on the combination of natural materials dye surveys, research, teaching, and dyeing art and fashion design.

There is no doubt that the revival of Chinese traditional culture has formed an irresistible trend, which not only affects our lives, but also changes our understanding of modern life. Presided over by the versatile artist Ma Zhihai, the Round Table Forum of “The Revitalizational Way of Traditional Handicrafts”, has assembled Zuo Anli, the CEO of China Time-Honored MARCO POLO jewelry; Jin Wen, the inheritor of JINWEN YUNJIN; He Shiguang, the deputy CEO of China Time-Honored traditional herb medicine brand GuangYuYuan; Xie Xiaorui, the founder of RUI HOUSE; Fan Mengshao, the pusher of traditional culture and Chen Cong, the research assistant of Institute of Arts and Crafts of Chinese National Academy of Arts. They explore the traditional handicrafts from the craftsman to do their own heritages and innovative development through their own practical experiences and industry observations.

At the same time, the event also held the “revitalizing the traditional crafts – to pick up the intangible culture exhibition” and “The Nordic Space – Crafts and Sustainable Design Exibition “. Colorful oiled-paper umbrella, domestic enamel, ancient technology brewing fruit vinegar, and multi-layered cloth shoes entered people’s vision with a new aesthetic and brought the traditional handicrafts back to public life.

The Nordic Space – Crafts and Sustainable Design Exibition, presented by the Scandinavian Sustainable Design Association (SSDA), presented in the home-style exhibition hall. A collection of centuries-old Dala Horse, modern and stylish cement utensils, childlike hand-woven tapestries, Swedish hardtack shows the close relationship of contemporary Nordic crafts and daily life.

You can visit to watch the live broadcast of the Glory Craftsman – The Second Innovative Craftsman Ceremony.

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