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15 May, 2017 – People tend to be in a bad mood when they arrive at their destination after a long period of traveling, just because of how uncomfortable most modes of travel are. This is where The comes in – to help travelers of all types by researching and testing travel comfort products, in order to help make traveling as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Most people believe that traveling is inherently uncomfortable. Luckily, this isn’t the case – travelers just need to understand that traveling is a very personalized process. What makes one person’s travel more comfortable may not work for another traveler. It’s important to find a solution to your travel discomfort that works specifically for you as a traveler. The experts at The Comfy Traveler streamline this process by recommending personalized combinations of travel pillows, apparel, stretches, luggage, and other travel tips and accessories that help travelers of all types stay comfortable. According to the site – – there are four main aspects to traveling comfortable: apparel, accessories, physical preparation and mindset.

The Comfy Traveler advocates proper planning and focusing on the destination above all else. Having the right mindset about the type of travel one will be undertaking helps to maintain clear plans, and ensures you won’t forget about stress-saving things like confirming bookings, scheduling travel itineraries ahead of time, and more. It’s also important to plan for work travel and family travel separately, as each requires different types of planning and different mindsets going in.

The Comfy Traveler also advocates for extensive physical preparation, like stretching the muscles before traveling and even during your trip in order to minimize discomforts like cramping, chaffing, sore joints and pulled muscles. Opting for travel accessories like a travel pillow for the neck, a leg blanket to keep the legs warm, or a sleeping mask to soothe the eyes are other fantastic ways of addressing physical discomfort while traveling. The Comfy Traveler places specific emphasis on selecting the right travel pillow before embarking on a journey, and suggests choosing one based on its ergonomic value, longevity, firmness and quality. The site provides detailed reviews of best selling travel pillows to help travelers choose a one based on their personal sleeping requirements.

The Comfy Traveler also offers reviews about a host of other travel accessories and travel apparel, like compression socks, luggage, toiletry bags, and fishing rods, to name just a few. The site simply aims to help people make a well informed buying decision when in the market for travel gear. They specifically address neck pain issues, reviewing cutting edge travel gear like the Trtl pillow, J pillow, Travel rest pillow and Cabeau Evolution Cool Pillow, all of which are specifically intended to alleviate neck pain while traveling.

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The Comfy Traveler is a one stop destination for travelers who prefer to travel in comfort. They offer unbiased and comprehensive reviews on an array of travel gear, travel comfort products, and travel apparel. The Comfy Traveler also maintains a travel blog dedicated to posting travel-related information, facts, statistics, and guides.

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