Cannabis Branding Agency Uploads Virtual Tours Of Leading Washington Dispensaries

SEATTLE, WA – 15 May, 2017 – Online Marijuana Design (OMD Agency), a leading cannabis digital branding agency, has launched virtual reality tours of Washington state cannabis dispensaries. The tours are available for free on the OMD Agency’s website. Currently, web visitors can browse Washington state’s favorite cannabis dispensary, Clear Choice Cannabis, and glass blowing retailer, Mad Dabler:

“Virtual Reality being as that it’s so new and relevant makes for a great experiential marketing tool for retailers, dispensaries,” Jared Mirsky, Online Marijuana Design’s founder, and CEO said. “If dispensaries market this properly it can result in a lot of foot traffic and additional sales.”

Jared Mirsky listed the time-intensive steps his team takes to coordinate and film a virtual reality tour. They identify the goal of the project, then develop a storyboard and script to describe how users will virtually visit the facility. Jared Mirsky personally casts the talent (presenters, extras, etc.) that will guide users through the tour. A camera crew films the tour several times to capture the best perspective. OMD operates custom-made state of the art mounting equipment to film the tour, and they capture high-quality footage by shooting under studio quality LED lighting.

According to Edelman Digital’s 2017 Trends Report, tech giants, Facebook, Snapchat and Google, are set to launch more capabilities to allow their users to publish and distribute virtual and augmented reality based content. Consumers will become more educated on virtual reality. Virtual reality will impact movie theater and theme park attendance. Expectations for compelling virtual reality content will rise. Virtual reality pop up booths will appear at high-foot-traffic locations.

“In the coming months, there will be two to three virtual reality kiosks equipped with headsets at cannabis retailers available for customers to experience the tours,” Jared Mirsky said. “For now, a consumer can put her phone into an inexpensive set of VR glasses and experience the tour from the comfort of her couch.”

The benefit to consumers comes with the ability to get a better look at where their cannabis and accessories come from before they have to step into a dispensary or glass shop, Clear Choice or Mad Dabler.

About Online Marijuana Design:

Online Marijuana Design is an integrated team of designers, developers, writers, and strategists. For over eight years, we’ve helped cannabis businesses craft honest, emotional experiences through strategy, brand development, graphic design, web design, and storytelling.      

Since 2009, we have been crafting, creating and cultivating cannabis brands. We are the oldest and longest running cannabis branding, marketing and advertising agency in the country.

Everyone at the OMD Agency brings a unique perspective to our work. Together, we pair imagination with proven design, marketing and advertising methods to find the sweet spot between the inspired and the analytical.

Every bit of our work is rooted in our belief that design is not a deliverable, but a way of life. A great brand is a reality built through experiences. We treat every interaction as an opportunity to strengthen the bond between brand and customer.

Each teammate treats every interaction as an opportunity to strengthen the bond between brand and customer.

Online Marijuana Design work appears in CNNMoney, The Huffington Post, Geekwire, Leafly, Marijuana Venture, and it was just named “Best Branding Agency” by the 2016 DOPE Industry Awards (DIA).

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