In Vitro Toxicity Service of Creative Bioarray Has Been Updated by hERG Safety Assay

Creative Bioarray, after releasing a series of products on its keratinocyte, has updated its in vitro toxicity service by adding hERG safety assay item. On May 15, 2017, Creative Bioarray officially announced this progress.

Equipped with the most advanced HCA platform, Creative Bioarray can offer help to scientists to identify potential drug toxicity with the assistance of a panel of in vitro cell-based assays.

In Creative Bioarray, there are already several in vitro toxicity services, such as drug-drug interaction, endocrine disruption, high-content toxicity screening, high-throughput toxicity screening and so on. “since we enjoy a good fame among in vitro toxicity field, we can offer our clients with high-quality and high-efficient services. So it is necessary for us to update its service line.” said Dr. Peterson, senior scientist in Creative Bioarray.

For scientists and clinical researchers, early-stage drug toxicology tests can not only be time-saving but economical due to its reduction of failure chance. So in vitro test with features of short turnaround time and low cost is recognized as the most useful and helpful process at an early stage.  

According to the newly-issued report by Creative Bioarray, it can be learned that hERG safety assay from Creative Bioarray is accordance with the ICH S7B guideline to evaluate compound cardiovascular safety. Based on the advanced equipment—automated QPatch-HT system, scientists in Creative Bioarray are able to develop high-throughput herg test service with consistency at a lower cost. As for the small number of compounds or compounds identified with QPatch, the conventional whole cell patch clamp assay can be performed by Creative Bioarray in order to get detailed mechanistic information.

Since its foundation, Creative Bioarray is known as one of the most trusted manufacturers among cell products and cell related services. The newly-developed service—herg binding assay should be also as popular as its recently-released keratinocyte products. It is also believed that Creative Bioarray will make big progress in in vitro toxicity.  

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