Gary Milwit Named President of Stone Street Capital

BETHESDA, MD – 16 May, 2017 – Stone Street Capital, LLC is proud to announce that Gary Milwit has been chosen to serve as our next President. Milwit is an experienced sales professional and driven team leader. He has worked with Stone Street Capital for 11 years as the Chief Operating and Revenue Officer. Over the years, under Milwit’s leadership, Stone Street Capital is a two time national winner of the Institute for Excellence in Sales “Best Company for Training and Coaching”. In 2013, Milwit was named the AA-ISP Executive of the Year.

Milwit is known to his colleagues and clients as a hardworking leader in the professional sales industry. He has led multiple organizations to new heights. For 11 years, he has been a results-driven team player at Stone Street Capital.

As the COO, Milwit has proven his extraordinary ability to ensure sizeable cash payouts for structured settlements, annuities, and lottery winnings for clients securely and quickly. He is a major asset to the Stone Street team in their ability to provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry and over $2.5 billion in originated payments.

Before joining the team at Stone Street, Milwit was the Athletic Director for a local high school, where he was also a Teacher and Football Coach.  He continued on to become the Director of Sales at WeatherBug, a comprehensive weather service covering the United States and other countries. Milwit was an acting board member of TeamVisibility, until it was acquired and renamed ExecVision, where he continues to serve on the advisory board. In addition to serving on several boards for Performance Sports Systems, a sports complex in Maryland. He is instrumental in the development of the youth lacrosse program at the complex.


Stone Street Capital, LLC is one of America’s oldest and most trusted lump sum companies. For over 25 years, Stone Street Capital has helped thousands of people receive cash for their structured settlements, lottery winnings, annuities, and other future payment streams with well over $2.5 billion in payments purchased.

Stone Street Capital’s signature tagline is “Cash Now from the Cash Cow”.

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