PrivacyDevil – The Coworking Forcefield and Cafe based entreprenuer’s dream

SAN JOSE, CA – May 16, 2017 – Starbucks and Coworking spaces have revolutionized the way we work. Each day swarms of budding entrepreneurs and small business owners shun the office and head over to a Café or Coworking space for the day with their laptops for a true feeling of freedom and refreshing coffee while working. 

Working in Cafés feels great! There’s no denying it, But working in open plan spaces does have its disadvantages. For starters, anyone passing by can see your screen, this is a problem when you have some sensitive information on screen such as that nifty business trick that lands you all those leads and sales. 

For all you know your competitor may be sat at the next table, peeking at your screen from time to time, taking notes. Not Cool. We know but short of starting a fight or moving around from café to café having to lug your backpack around, find a new spot, and getting started all over again (ugh!) there’s not much you can do. 

Or is there? A New gadget called the Privacydevil takes the pain away; apply the PrivacyDevil to your screen and Voila! The viewing angle of your screen get’s restricted to only you. That’s right, only you can see your screen. People to your left and right will just see a blank screen.

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With that peace of mind Digital Nomads can roam the world and truly live The Laptop Lifestyle. Patrick McDermott, a PrivacyDevil user, had this to say “I trade PennyStocks for a living, I’m a pennystocker. And life’s been good to me so far. Like Really Good. Sometimes when Boston gets too cold, I just grab my laptop and go down to Mexico or Bali or wherever for a sunny workation. Now when I’m in some foreign country I don’t want strangers to see the 7 figure balance in my trading account right? But I don’t want to miss out on the café culture and hanging out in Bali or wherever with cool people enjoying coffee and mocktails. Before PrivacyDevil I used to miss out. Now I just slide on the PrivacyDevil onto my screen and BAM! I’m all go go go! It’s changed my life and taken the pain of being a solopreneur away.”

It’s not just entrepreneurs that have fallen in love with the cheeky PrivacyDevil. Doctors and Nurses from New York to San Francisco are ordering it in droves. The reason? HIPAA, a single HIPAA Privacy Violation can cost you $50,000 in fines and this is per violation, upto $1.5 Million in a year. Ouch! 

A Chicago Doctor had this to say; “Someone saw your patient’s test results and started a rumor? Wham! You get sued and you get fined. And all then all your other patients come after you. Painful. And all for what? To save Thirty bucks? I bought PrivacyDevils for everyone at my practice. No exceptions. I even got my husband one for his law practice.” 

Whether you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Nurse, Banker or Businessperson sometimes you just need some privacy for the contents of your screen, PrivacyDevil Privacy Filters do the trick. 

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PrivacyDevil is a screen filter for laptops, desktops, and monitors that provides privacy while viewing in public or private areas. 

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