London Based Architect Virginia Duran launches Kickstarter campaign for new unique city guide

Madrid architect and traveler Virginia Duran has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of her new unique city guide, Architectour that unveils the amazing stories and secret spots of the cities to make the experience more engaging for urban explorers.

London, UK – May 16, 2017 – A visionary Madrid architect Virginia Duran has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of her innovative guide Architectour. It’s a new unique hardcover city guide bustling with secret spots and thrilling stories of places that nobody has told you about. Designed for the urban explorer, the guide aims to connect the travelers with extraordinary architecture on a deeper level than ever.

The campaign is slated to raise €15,000 by June 2, 2017. Interestingly, the breakthrough quotient of the project has been fast to pique interest, resulting in its 100% funding within the first 30 hours only!! But Architectour promises to be a highly sophisticated piece and hence some more funding would be great for its state of the art production.

“Traveling is all about discovering, caring and being surprised so that we can evolve from within. Unless we can actually immerse ourselves into the city and dig out the hidden gems in its nooks & crannies, we can’t say we have ‘lived there’. However, the current guides would only take you to the usual plain tourist trails and thus are not exactly able to engage a traveler with the place. But not anymore – comes in the new inspiring Architectour which is all set to help explorers in making the most of their traveling experience. Uniquely designed, this beautiful hardcover unravels the best kept secret stories and the most interesting facts of the enigmatic architectures of a city. Its original and ingenious structure of contents will redefine how we have perceived cities till date. However, such a visionary project demands a robust financial backup. Thus this crowdfunding campaign. The great bit is that it has already reached its 100% funding in less than 2 days but we would need little more to even better the production,” Virginia noted.

The first Architectour Guide will be for London, followed by New York and Paris. The facts and information shared in the guide are derived from Virginia’s personal experience with the cities and have been further reviewed by 1,000 travelers to ensure the most powerful city guide ever. Unlike the regular city guides, Architectour will never spoil your experience with pictures yet it’s still inspiring with its nifty sketches. 

Every Architectour Guide would be packed with:

  • Umpteen numbers of exciting spots including both celebrated and lesser known equally thrilling secret places
  • Over 200 places for sketching
  • Cool itineraries like “Drink with a View” or “Happy Rainy Days”
  • Pro tips for cutting on travel costs
  • Authentic tips on how to sneak into not exactly accessible places
  • Every site description includes 3 amazing facts
  • Sites sorted based on proximity for wanderers who wish to get lost in the new place but without losing out on it completely
  • Timeline included for easy interpretation of the context
  • Big fold-out map with easily readable clear cartography
  • A nifty 21x13cm product dimension for easy portability

A good host of rewards are waiting for the backers. These include handwritten postcard by the author herself, selected London postcards, London/Paris/New York guide, a combo of two guides or 1 guide and a poster and so on. Higher pledges reaching €120 would be rewarded with all 3 guides. Donation of €150 would be specially honored one of the original drawings straight from the guide. 

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