Hijackrr Software Lets Users Get Viral Social Traffic For Their Business Campaigns


Product, traffic, trust, and authority are the most important things to boost online business. If you miss one of them, subscribers or revenue go down immediately. Good news is now you can have an easy-to-use software tool that handles 2 of them in minutes.

Hijackrr is a WordPress plugin in that gives users the ability to hijack the authority of some of the biggest websites online with easy-to-use features in just a few clicks of the mouse.

In a few clicks and users can have instant authority and traffic because Hijackrr adds their opt-in or even shows an affiliate offer of their own on sites like CNN, BBC, ESPN, shopping sites, or any site they want.

With Hijackrr soft, users’ sales page, affiliate links, or opt-in pages were featured on the world’s biggest websites without having to create content or spend weeks, months, and years getting there in the traditional way. Hijackrr owns Newbie-Friendly plugin that is easy to install, use and even with no tech skills. The software allows users to easily customize everything inside the plugin for flexibility and boost their traffic and get leads with a few clicks.

Hijackrr is a “point and clicks” simple to use software, and it includes the over-the-shoulder video setup training to ensure users get up and run it without any issues. The only thing users need is WordPress, which is fully free, fast, and secure.

Hijackrr works for any marketers doing business online, including Affiliate marketing, CPA offers, Lead generation and list-building, eCommerce or High-ticket offers.

Here’s what Hijackrr will do for users:

• Create webpages using existing authority or content

• Overlay timed, or user behavior drove pop-ups

• Create user behavior redirection

• Pop-ups can be text, image or video

• Pop-ups can provide information, redirection, require social media interaction or email opt-in

• Lock websites and content until prospect has interacted

• Replace all links on an authority page to your own link

What makes Hjackrr software is different form the other “jacker” software tools out there is that most “jacking” software uses iframes to hijack other people’s sites. A few months back about 50% of the biggest sites out there added filters that cause users to get a blank page when they try to iframe their sites. Hijackrr is the world’s only software of its kind that uses html5 instead of iframes. This means users can easily create popups on any site they want with links that go where they want, including videos, affiliate links or name.

Hijackrr plugin works for an even newbie with no prior experience but impressive results. “This plugin allows me to viral traffic for my traffic campaigns, thus generating leads and sales on autopilot. The process is simple, it’s literally three steps which take minutes to setup. I highly recommend this to all my followers who are looking for a simple solution to get more leads and sales. I love it and thank you, the talented creators – MARK WHITELY – Owner of Freedom Lifestyle Seekers stated.

For more information, please visit: Hijackrr Review and Bonus

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