SmartVideo – A Web-Based App To Help Marketers Make Their Videos Stand Out Within Three Simple Steps

For video marketers, engagement is crucial in determining whether your videos will do the work you want them to do. In fact, factors like length of time make a difference to your viewers taking action. Your engagement is no different.

If the audiences are not engaged in what they see, they will not pay attention to marketer’s video. And if they do not do that – it is simply useless and meaningless to create it. This means marketers have to find a solution to improve their engagement. Understanding the problem, the guys from VideoRemix team have created a web-based app called SmartVideo that enables marketers to make their videos stand out in just three simple steps. The software even integrates seamlessly with Facebook to showcase customer’s profile information instantly on any video. No other tool out there can do this.

Using SmartVideo soft, users can reap the following benefits:

  • Surges their conversions: Forrester confirms that personalized video has been shown to increase click-through rates by up to 985%.
  • Amplifies their engagement: Users can add clickable personal calls-to-action inside their videos and engage their customers more than a regular video ever could.
  • Boosts their ROI: Personalized video campaigns have resulted in a 10-fold improvement in ROI for huge brands such as AT&T.

SmartVideo by VideoRemix
enables marketers to grow their subscriber list with opt-ins and lead magnets. They will be able to boost their opt-ins with personalized SmartVideos that their prospects will enjoy watching when they land on marketer’s landing pages or click on their advertisements. Marketers can further increase their opt-in conversions by enticing their viewers to unlock a personalized video after subscribing.

Once purchasing SmartVideo, the tool facilitates users to make more income from selling eCommerce and physical product. The users can create custom quiz VideoRemix videos, insert images and names of the last product that their customer bought as well as geotarget products to customers. For those who want to sell more info and software products, they are allowed to creatively insert a customer’s name into sales videos, add clickable CTAs offer personalized discounts to specific customers as well.

Moreover, Smart Video gives marketers the ability to improve their affiliate promotions by adding quick intros and outros with their voiceover to existing affiliate videos, or adding targeted personalization SmartVideo clickable calls-to-action with their affiliate link. Their audience will be overwhelmed with many emails and ads every single day. As a result, marketer’s affiliate promotions are going to stand out when every one of their prospects sees a personalized video created especially for them.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Import Media – Users can quickly import media including YouTube or Vimeo videos, record audio through and mix, mash, combine and edit the media.

Step 2: Tag To Personalize – The soft allows users to insert text and image personalization, popups, etc., which add stunning layers to their videos giving them a professional edge.

Step 3: Publish To 1000’s – The tool leverages autoresponders, landing pages, and Facebook. SmartVideo distributes videos to 1,000’s with every viewer receiving a unique video.

Not only that, the producers also include some valuable bonuses designed to help marketers utilize the power of SmartVideo software. The first bonus is called “Free 3 Days Of Live Training – Taking You From Zero To $100,000k With SmartVideo”. It uses real case studies from real customers of this product, and they assist marketers in getting their first personalized video project to run instantly. The software’s creators then use an in-depth case study from Charles – a top marketer – showing users exactly how they can bank big selling on personalized SmartVideos.

In addition, the vendors provide their buyers with a step by step guide to closing recurring $2,000k deals with a little help from real VideoRemix customer Mike. Plus, marketers also get an exclusive look over the shoulder of Daniel, who has closed over $60,000k selling clients personalized marketing campaigns. The other bonus includes two quality, ready-to-personalize SmartVideo templates to use for themselves or to create awesome videos for their clients immediately.

For more details, you could see SmartVideo soft review and discount.

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