Local Police Honored With New Website and Thank-You Card

CHICAGO – 16 May, 2017 – Police morale is at a very low point in our country. Police fatalities have risen sharply in recent years and many of our brave police officers are afraid that doing their duty will result in a career ending backlash. In honor of National Police Week held yearly from May 11-17 in Washington, DC, a new website and thank you card has been designed to provide a means for willing individuals to thank the local police in their community for serving and protecting our citizens. The purpose of this movement is to attempt to improve the moral of police as a whole and demonstrate to them that they still have supporters around the country.

Since police officers wouldn’t normally accept material items in thanks, the special card has been created to honor and thank them for their service. The cards are slim mini-cards and only measure a few inches wide. This will allow individuals to carry a stack of them around to hand out as they see police officers doing their duty and protecting our citizens. The cards may be small, but they contain a strong message.

The law enforcement officer who receives the card can also easily carry around the card or post it in a place that they will see it everyday. The hope is that the card will provide encouragement and a reminder that their efforts are recognized and appreciated.

The website and handout was created by a Chicago based web design and marketing firm owned by a local resident in Chicago. ‘I see police on a regular basis in my neighborhood, and I wanted some way to thank them for keeping me safe. I thought others might feel the same way,’ says founder Chris Maloney.

The cards can be purchased at thankthepolice.org which was launched this week, and any questions can be submitted through the website contact form.

Media Contact
Company Name: ThankThePolice.org
Contact Person: Chris Maloney
Email: chris@webstasy.com
Country: United States
Website: https://thankthepolice.org