Best Chef Knife For Deluxe Cooking Hits The Market

Hong Kong, Japan – Okami Knives now unveils their new 8” Chef Knife that they have built with the Japanese and American tradition in mind.  This is an all-in-one multi-purpose knife; meaning Chefs will no longer have to buy so many different knives.

Its durable stainless steel blade stays sharp longer than almost any other knife blade at its price range. And its combination of comfort, durability, and performance make it an investment that a serious chef can’t afford to miss.

Okami Knives understands that chefs want the best knives. They want knives that are comfortable and easy to use. They also understand that they don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for quality. That’s why the 8” Chef Knife is creatively designed to take care of both quality and aesthetics.  

Okami Knives has worked closely with the leading players in the hospitality industry to create one of the best user experiences in the industry.  Today, many in the United States regard Okami Knives as the best place to buy high quality knives. The 8” Chef Knife can be ordered online at Amazon (

The 8” Chef Knife is designed to enhance the cooking experience.  It is designed perform at the very highest level and for a lifetime of enjoyment and service. This western style gyuto knife is made of Japanese VG10 stainless steel. The knife comes with a comprehensive angle of 300 max, 12-15° per side, and a double bevel, 50:50 ratio. This makes the edge to be very sharp, meaning that less force will be needed to cut through hard foodstuff making the cooking process to be much faster and enjoyable.

“The 8” Chef Knife is the best for chefs and even for home cooks. It’s hands down, most durable, the sharpest, and most comfortable model available in the market today. Its sharp blade is able to slice through tough butternut squash, turn bulk carrots into classic French cuts, and slice onions better than any other knife known”, says the manufacturer, Okami Knives.

The 8’’ Chef’s Knife comes with a premium packaging, a protective plastic cover, a cleaning cloth and the Ōkami kanji is stamped on the knife’s butt. The knife has claimed the first spot on a top 10 list of the best value for money kitchen knives in the world.

Ōkami Knives stand behind their products and their goal has been a customer-centered shopping experience. They do their best to maintain a close relationship with their customers

About Ōkami Knives:

Ōkami Knives is a family business that was founded by Jerome Loos with the help of his wife. The family shares a passion for Japan, cooking, food and kitchen knives. They have been working together for a long time, and through this company they now bring professional, high quality and affordable range of kitchen knives to the market.  Ōkami Knives is a fast growing company because they always put the customer first.

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