An Insightful New Book has Arrived Amazon To Help Business Leaders Grow Their Businesses

A Masterpiece From The Pen Of A Truly Renaissance Man, Influencer & Coach, Mosi Dorbayani.

17 May, 2017 – An insightful new book titled ‘Business Samurai’ has been published on Amazon by a bestselling author, Mosi Dorbayani. Available in paperback, the book is now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the nationwide Canadian Publisher, ‘Chapters’. The book which is presently receiving a welcoming feedback from its readers, teaches the hidden art of soft skills and leadership in the classical martial strategies for modern businesses, and awakes the spirit of Samurai in entrepreneurs and leading professionals.

“It is not uncommon to relate courageous Samurai to some modern leaders or compare boardrooms with battlefields. For the past several decades, many have tried to teach and learn business leadership and business strategies from various interpretations of books on ancient war or combative strategy, namely: ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu (5th century BC) or ‘The Book of Five Rings’ by Miyamoto Musashi (1645). However, such interpretations have inspired many, including myself, I am afraid the more the realities of the modern business world presented themselves to me, the less I found their contents practical, hence the reason for me to write this book.”  Says Mosi Dorbayani, the author.

The author, Mosi Dorbayani,  has been devoted to the learning and practice of Japanese Martial Arts and its culture and leadership since 1970s. In the past 40 years of practicing various martial arts, he is presently regarded as a Samurai in spirit. The book contains unravels the power in practicing Samurai and how it can help business executives and entreprenures in growing their business and expand revenue.

The path of Samurai warriors is an epic journey of self-realization, self-consciousness and self -development for an honorable life that goes far beyond any combat in battlefields or fighting strategies. In this book the author not only introduces the applicable soft skills and techniques of Samurai warriors for modern leadership, but also provides the Samurai’s practical strategies for leaders and entrepreneurs to reflect, relate and realize their mission, vision and values.

About the Author:

Mosi Dorbayani, MSc, PhD, is an entrepreneur, executive adviser, educator, coach and consultant in international management and strategic leadership. He is author of several professional books, Amazon best selling author and is a well-published songwriter. His executive experience, leading and working with staff from 20 nationalities have equipped him with a global strategic understanding on the importance of cultural diversity and human capital.

His passion for ‘personnel development’ has enhanced many organizations, practitioners and trainees, and provided them with practical insights to face challenges of their constantly changing environment.

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