Neofold launches Indiegogo Campaign for the Urban Style E-Bike of the Future

Created by Engineers & Designers from Europe, The Bike is a Revolutionary Solution to the Future of Urban Commuting!

Neofold has been announced to revolutionize the way people commute today on bikes. Designed by the European Engineers, the e-bike of the future features unique design and has brought a new meaning to the e-bikes of the world today. Neofold is a fully foldable and low weight electronic e-bike that is designed for urban commute in the crowded cities.

The e-bike can be taken anywhere and is highly environmental friendly version of urban commute. The creators of Neofold have decided to seek public support on Indiegogo and are now welcoming generous contributions for this project of the future.

Following are some of the coolest features offered by the Neofold e-bike:

  • Brushless Motor

  • Lithium Battery

  • Low Noise Motor

  • Long Life and Low Maintenance

  • Easily Foldable

  • Ultra-Light Weight

“The soul of Neofold e-bike was not only to create a bike with the latest design and latest technology, the soul of Neofold is to help you, is to transport people in an ecologic way, is to offer you the best and easiest option to move around the cities and enjoy your way home. The impossible becomes simple with Neofold e-bike,” said one of the designers of this amazing bike while revealing it for everyone. The design took two years of hard work and the R&D process involved not only engineers but also designers to create a unique e-bike for the future generations.

The Indiegogo campaign is located on the web at:  and it offers pledges from €10 to €1100 with rewards ranging from premium membership to two Neofold e-bikes.

About Neofold

Neofold is an e-bike of the future patented by European engineers and designers. The lightweight bike is a perfect solution for urban commute and is environmental friendly. The creators of Neofold are now seeking generous support on Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to back this great project.

Media Contact
Company Name: NEOFOLD
Contact Person: Jose Miguel Ramirez Marin
Phone: +34638581051
Country: Spain