Made in Water: Everything a Mother Needs to Experience a Natural Birth at Home

UK – May 17, 2017 – Made In Water, a UK-based natural birth and organic shop designed to provide all families with sustainable and affordable access to the best quality inflatable birthing pools available right now, continues to provide a natural and viable alternative to hospital birthing with controversial medications and sedatives today.

Borne from a passion for making natural births right at home more attainable for mothers-to-be, Made In Water’s products, specifically their renowned birthing pools, are also used and recommended by hospitals, midwives, and doulas today.

“Our products are so effective that even hospitals use them to provide a natural birthing environment for interested couples,” said Vijay Patel, Founder and Owner of Made In Water. “We’ve designed these pools to be exceptionally comfortable and reassuringly sturdy and robust, creating a calming effect of warm water that naturally relieves the mother’s pains.”

Made In Water’s birthday pools are ecofriendly in design, heavy duty, comprised of either 0.45mm material or 0.60mm material for the professional pools, and are inflated at the factory and left for a minimum of 48-hours to ensure reliability. Additionally, the pools are designed with located grips and handles to provide comfort and assurance to birthing mothers.

“Giving birth is the most natural, beautiful occurrence we experience as a species,” said Vijay Patel. “We want to provide mothers with a sustainable alternative that relies on nature’s pristine element of water to calmly encourage the baby’s birth. Spread the word on our commitment to natural birthing environments, and head on over to our website to learn more about the properties of our birthing pools.”

In addition to birthing pools, the company also offers birthing pool accessories like water pumps and thermometers.

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