InEye Technologies Announces Indiegogo Campaign for Unique Consumer Baggage Planning Solution – Preventing Unexpected Baggage Fees

GRAFTON,MA – 17 May, 2017 – InEye Technologies, a startup developing air travel and analytics solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for INWEIGH™, a first-of-its-kind air travel baggage solution for passengers. INWEIGH consists of a SMART mobile application and a sleek device – smaller than a credit card, for baggage planning, weighing & tracking!

Baggage rules are getting more and more confusing, while fees continue to rise. Whether the purpose of travel is for pleasure, personal or business reasons, nobody wants to be surprised with unexpected baggage fees. “INWEIGH is the result of a personal pain point encountered when packing for my travel abroad,” says Preethi Natarajan, Founder & CEO of InEye Technologies. “The Indiegogo campaign will help us manufacture INWEIGH units and finalize packaging so others can travel worry-free without unexpected baggage fees!”

INWEIGH’s patent-pending sleek form factor makes the weighing process seamless and easy. The built-in SMART technology enables easy tracking at the baggage claim. The greatest advantage of INWEIGH is its ability to provide all the baggage data including weight compliance, dimension allowance, and estimated baggage fees at the fingertips of travelers to avoid unforeseen charges or inconveniences.

 “There is nothing like this available on the market today”, says Lisa Ludwig, President of Pollensa Group and advisor to InEye Technologies.  “The INWEIGH device fits in your pocket and is very easy to use.  And the INWEIGH mobile app leverages the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technology, automatically acquiring baggage data from airlines based on your custom itinerary. Very cool indeed!”

The Indiegogo campaign includes a variety of awards for early backers, including the INWEIGH solution itself.  To learn more about INWEIGH and to support the campaign, please visit 

About InEye Technologies:

InEye Technologies is a startup that provides air-travel and analytics solutions using IoT (Internet of Things) technology. The first product in the plan is INWEIGH, a consumer-based product for baggage planning, weighing, and tracking.

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