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Salt Lake City, UT – Mr. Jared Brubaker’s story might resemble that of many successful entrepreneurs – but it comes with thrilling twists that have propelled him to stratospheric levels of success as both a businessman and mentor to scores of fledgling entrepreneurs across the globe. After years of owning and successfully running his own boutique recruitment company, Mr. Brubaker has now added founding The Entrepreneur Lifestyle to his impressive resume.

Following an immersion into the WiFi Millionaire System, Mr. Brubaker is now happy to say he is supporting his family with a lucrative income stemming from his high ticket affiliate and paid social media marketing activities.

“Recruitment paid the bills and then some, but I became frustrated. Frustrated because I was working 70-hour weeks, and the stress from my job started to show in all aspects of my life. When I realized that we had not taken a single, family vacation in over seven years, I knew I had to take drastic measures.  I wanted to start living on my terms,” said Mr. Brubaker.

He continued, “Working from home has been a blessing. It is telling that the number of Americans choosing to free themselves of the shackles of an office job is at an all-time high. Now that I know just how rewarding the entrepreneurial lifestyle is, I have dedicated myself to helping others join the movement.”

Listed on Mr. Brubaker’s website are all the tools necessary for anyone looking to foray into the world of online entrepreneurship, such as books, workshops, master classes and video materials, which convey all pertinent information in a clear and concise manner.

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